Joseph Sabroski

Video of FBI Visit of Muslim Activist Highlights Disturbing Nature of Federal Counter-Extremism Programs

It was three days before Burhan Mohumed was to co-host a forum in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis about the government-sponsored Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs, which targeted Muslim communities in a broad-brush fashion. Mohumed had helped line up a panel of young Muslim activists and students intending to speak out against the new CVE program being piloted in the community, and was looking forward to critiquing a program he felt would spread fear and do severe harm to the community’s social fabric. But when two FBI agents showed up unannounced outside his apartment three days before the event on July 22 and demanded to be let in without a warrant, his training in how to invoke his rights was put to the test.

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How the FBI May Have Tried to Turn a Muslim Civil Rights Advocate Into an Informant

It’s a story that one former Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Minneapolis division denies ever happened.

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