Jordan Rosenfeld

Getting Girls Excited About STEM

For decades, science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields (STEM) have suffered low numbers of women. Women hold more than 50% of jobs in the U.S. workforce, but fewer than 25% of those are STEM jobs.

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When Online Schools Can Help

As massive cuts in public education create more dissatisfaction with traditional public school, a new choice is appealing to parents desperate for a third option, one that claims to allow less homework and speak the digital language of modern kids: online or “virtual” schools. There are over 300 such schools in the United States, in which all curriculum is offered online, plus a handful of hybrid online plus brick-and-mortar academies. To some, they sound like the perfect alternative, but what about the quality of education they are providing? Are there any benefits to being educated online?

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Why More and More Parents Are Opting Their Kids Out of Homework

We tend to think of homework as a necessary part of learning, a practice that teaches children discipline and keeps them from idleness. Yet a growing body of research reveals an astonishing truth: homework has little to no benefit in enhancing learning or performance in elementary and middle school, and only minor benefits, usually in math, in high school. This conclusion comes courtesy of a review of all major homework studies recently highlighted the Washington Post, including an update to a 2001 review conducted by the leading U.S. researcher on homework, Harris Cooper of Duke University.

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Tired of Being Judged for the Way You Raise Your Kids? Some Moms Are Pushing Back

Parents may not agree on many things, but there’s little argument that the job of modern parenting is a tough one. From complex monitoring of children’s online lives, to navigating this age of constant information, it’s almost impossible to be a laissez-faire parent these days without criticism.

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