Joe Winkler

Parting With a TV Show Is Such Sweet Sorrow

In the most recent episode of “30 Rock” — there are only two more remaining in the series — Kenneth Parcell and Tracy Jordan discuss the reason behind Kenneth’s childlike love of television.  Tracy guesses: “Despite cellphones, iPads and computers, they are still the most effective portals for poltergeists?” No, Kenneth tells him, It’s “because nothing ever really changes, the people you care about never leave.” This self-referential sentiment captures much of the tension in ending a long-running TV show: How do you send off the beloved staples of our televisual lives?  Two of our favorite, decade-defining comedies will take their final bow this year: “30 Rock” and “The Office.” These finales will not only break many hearts, but also signify a rare opportunity to transcend the limited artistic creativity in the history of sitcom endings.

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