JoAnne Sweeny

Yes, Michael Cohen, Spousal Rape is a Real Thing - as Your Client Ought to Know

Michael Cohen is not a good lawyer. He has made several mistakes and opened himself to ethical complaints during his representation of President Donald Trump. He doesn’t seem to know the law, which is not the best trait for a lawyer to present.

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New Abortion Law Requires Doctors to Keep Records that Can Follow Patients through Life

Indiana passed a new abortion law last week that has made the news. Senate Bill 340 requires that doctors gather data about women who come to see them about “abortion complications,” ostensibly to improve patient health and safety.

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Why Do Some Evangelicals Stand in the Way of Banning Child Marriage?

There’s a famous, though possibly falsely-attributed, quote by Mark Twain:  “I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because they are always 20 years behind.” That quote felt uncomfortably true over the weekend, while Kentucky was at the receiving end of a lot of bad press for stalling the passage of Senate Bill 48, a bill that aims to prevent child marriage – marriage by a minor under 18 years old – in the state.

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Not Covered Under the First Amendment: The ACLU Is Wrong About Trump and Incitement to Violence

Last week, federal judge David Hale ruled that Trump’s exhortation for the audience at a March 2016 rally in Louisville, Kentucky, to “get ’em [three protesters] out of here” could be incitement. That is unusual enough to make headlines, especially because the defendant is Donald Trump. But the real shocker is that last week, the ACLU publicly defended Trump. The ACLU has defended Trump. The ACLU. Donald Trump. Defended.

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