Jesse Bragg

Can Anyone Cook Up a Worse Idea for UN Climate Talks Than Giving the Fossil Industry a Front Seat?

Should fossil fuel corporations like Exxon Mobil have access to the U.N. climate talks?

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Why Over 100 Food and Farm Groups Oppose Trump's Labor Secretary Pick

Washington, D.C.—On Monday, 105 food and agriculture organizations, representing more than 10 million people across the food system, sent a letter to Capitol Hill urging senators to oppose the confirmation of fast food CEO Andrew Puzder as secretary of labor.

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Just Before Leaving White House, Obama Made a Final Climate Hail Mary

With his time in the White House coming to an end and amid promises by the incoming Trump administration to defund international climate action, President Barack Obama transferred $500 million to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a key mechanism for climate change adaptation and renewable energy projects in the Global South.

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Tens of Thousands Call for Obama Climate Hail Mary Before Trump Moves In

Just one month from inauguration and with confirmation hearings looming for President-elect Trump’s climate-denying cabinet, an international coalition of human rights and environmental groups is appealing to President Obama to take one final action to advance justice and action on climate change in spite of Trump.

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Uncovered: Fossil Fuel Industry Has Back-Door Access to U.N. Climate Talks

Just one week before countries descend on Marrakech for the negotiations of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a new infographic by Corporate Accountability International reveals the true extent of the fossil fuel industry’s access to, and influence over, the talks. 

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A Member of Congress Issued a Warning to the World Bank: 'Stop Privatizing Water'

Around the globe, people’s access to water is being threatened every day by one of the most powerful institutions on the globe—the World Bank. Under the guise of development, the World Bank and its investment arm, the International Finance Corporation, invest hundreds of millions in water privatization schemes that reduce access to water, increase costs and have a devastating impact on people. What’s worse is that the IFC often positions itself to profit from these projects, creating an irreconcilable conflict of interest.

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