J.A. Myerson

Hundreds of Medical Marijuana Supporters Protest Obama in Oakland as Feds Escalate War on Pot

Hundreds of supporters of President Obama turned out to see him at Oakland’s Fox Theater on Monday afternoon. They lined up for blocks along Telegraph Avenue for the opportunity to see President Obama as he traveled from one fundraising event to another. Before the First Motorcade passed them, a march of several hundred people instructed them variously to “Smoke weed every day,” “Stop the madness, spark a spliff,” and demand that their candidate keep his promise.

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Why Does the Right Adore Herman Cain?

headline this week announced, in part, that a “New Iowa Poll Gives Herman Cain Double-Digit Lead.” This followed Fox News’ GOP presidential debate in South Carolina that Frank Luntz’s subsequent focus group overwhelmingly called for Cain. One among the panel of 29 had gone in preferring Cain to the others; virtually all of the other 28 wound up converts. Said Luntz of the result, “This is unprecedented.”

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