Indie Farmer

4 Ways to Start Thinking About How to Eat Locally

The 100-mile diet is just one way to practice a locavore approach. There are four different views I can think of as starting points, each providing a difference sense of ‘local food’.

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In Vino Veritas: Pesticides Used in Vineyards Are Blamed for Health Problems

Wenny Tari knows a thing or two about wine. She and her husband, Gabriel, have been making it since 1982 when they inherited a vineyard in France’s picturesque Languedoc region, in the south of the country, from Gabriel’s father.

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10 Reasons Why We Should Have Urban Goat Farms

There is something wonderful about urban farms. At first this feeling is hard to locate – living with animals is something many of us do in the city. From cats, dogs, rabbits and snakes, to the quiet hedgehogs and foxes scurrying in our backgardens under the cloak of darkness, we are sharing the city with lots of different species. In Bristol we have a brilliant collection of city farms – with strong volunteer bases in the local community, long term education projects and open door policies. We know how to do an urban farm well in Bristol, so how about one more – with a twist?

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