Hannah Mermelstein

Don't Stop With Chick-Fil-A --Why The LGBT Community Should Boycott Israel

On the heels of bigoted remarks against the LGBTQ community by Chick-fil-A’s president Dan Cathy, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called for the removal of the fast food chain from New York City. She’s not the only one; people across the country have called for a boycott of the chain. Most notably, the Jim Henson Co. halted its muppet toy supply deal with the chain, noting that Henson Co. “has celebrated and embraced diversity and inclusiveness for over fifty years.”

This reaction shouldn’t come as a shock. People around the world have long practiced boycotts in various forms. In the United States, we have seen the famed Montgomery Bus boycott to fight for African Americans rights, the grape boycott to achieve farm workers’ rights, boycott of and divestment from South Africa to help end apartheid, and the recent boycott of Arizona to protest the anti-immigrant SB 1070. With each of these movements, Americans have recognized the ability to shape decision-making by putting our money where our mouths are and withdrawing our complicity with injustice.

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