George Zilliac

Fate of the Earth Considered Again

When Jonathan Schell wrote The Fate of the Earth for The New Yorker, and then a book of the same title in 1982, many were shocked into recognition of what an all-out nuclear war would mean. But with the passage of time and all the loose talk about nukes and North Korea these days, maybe it is time to revisit a few things, for the forgetful. The need for this recall was especially brought to mind by a report about fancy nuclear shelters being bought by some of the well-off; one that would even let six live in it up to a year with no outside help.

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Why (and How) We Should Legalize Psychedelics

One reason for psychedelics to be legalized is to open the gates of consciousness to wider scientific and general investigation, and to get beyond the restrictive brain. The brain is not our ally in spiritual perception. In fact it is believed by some psychologists to block full access to mind. The brain's relation to mind seems to be like that of a slightly porous membrane, letting in a little from inside and a little from outside, but blocking a lot of it.

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