Gail Dines

Downton Abbey and House of Cards: Dramas That Live in the World of the 1%

In Manufacturing Consent, their now classic work on the role of the media in legitimising income inequality, Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky argue that the news media play a central role in propagating an ideology that renders invisible the true class relations of capitalism.

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3-D Nude Centerfolds? Playboy Tries to Survive in World Filled With Hard-Core Gonzo Porn

Playboy's June issue features a 3D centerfold - complete with the requisite geeky 3D spectacles. This latest gimmick, just a few months after their Marge Simpson feature, speaks to desperate times for the magazine. Hollywood certainly got a boost from Avatar’s 3D experience, but Playboy’s circulation has plummeted from more than 3 million in 2006 to about 1.5 million today, and is never going to be a favorite with the younger porn crowd. Playboy’s trademark soft-focus images, even in 3D, of women wearing coy smiles and little else, are no match for the industrial strength porn that is now all over the internet. Boys and men brought up in the internet age have very different tastes than their fathers, whose own access to porn was limited by the amount they could pilfer from their fathers or older brothers. Today, access is unlimited anytime anyplace, from computer screens to cellphones, and this  cheap, anonymous accessibility has sent demand soaring.

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