Frankie Colmane

Are You Afraid to Plan for Your Own Death?

When Beth Knox lost her 7-year-old daughter in a car accident, she was told the hospital could only release her body to a funeral home. At the time, Knox didn't know she had the legal right to drive her daughter's body from the hospital to her house in the same van in which she took her to school every day. What she knew was that her family needed time.

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How Can We Talk About Transformational Change Without Losing Hope?

In a recent interview on a progressive radio station supported by listeners like me, I am confounded by the news that Peruvians will run out of water in five years. "And it's worse in Bolivia," the guest adds. Does she mean they have only two years left? That's tomorrow. The radio host drops the distressing fact on his listeners based solely on one guest's opinion.

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