Evan Halper

Trump Administration to Target Legal Marijuana

Trump administration to target legal marijuana

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding the long-standing federal policy permitting states to legalize recreational pot, placing thousands of marijuana businesses in several states operating legally under state law at risk to federal raids and seizures.

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How Congress Unwittingly Turned the Nation's Capital into the Wild West of Weed

How Congress unwittingly turned the capital into the Wild West of marijuana

WASHINGTON - It's not the promise of prompt delivery that has residents of Washington, D.C., spending fifty bucks for nondescript glass jars, nor is it the small jars themselves, which resemble something found on the bottom shelf of a Dollar Tree. ... a regulated legal market could constitute a felony. The result has been to turn Washington into the country's biggest experiment in largely unregulated marijuana selling. "This...{C}

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