Ellen Piligian

America's Energy Madness - We're Banning Solar Panels, But Many Towns Can't Regulate Fracking

When it comes to going green, many environmentally conscious citizens are finding themselves in murky waters, from Texas residents being blocked by homeowner associations from installing solar panels to Colorado residents trying to protect their cities from fracking battles they thought they'd won.

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Not Everyone Is Sold on Urban Farms as the Solution to Food Industry Problems

Urban farming is all the rage, from "locavores" who want to know where their food is coming from and how it’s raised, to those trying to reduce their carbon footprint (fewer miles for food to travel), to those trying to be more self-sufficient, to those who reject Big Ag and its factory farming methods.

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Why Is Big Tobacco Taking Stock in E-Cigarettes?

In April, the Food and Drug Administration proposed regulations that would extend its authority over traditional cigarettes to include, for the first time, electronic cigarettes as well as previously un-regulated pipe tobacco and cigars. The new regulations would affect the public, the tobacco industry and the nation’s roughly 42 million smokers.

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