Eliza A. Webb

Hillary's Wall Street Migraine: 5 Reasons the Goldman Sachs Debacle Refuses to Go Away

At Tuesday night’s Democratic town hall, Hillary Clinton came under fire from moderator Chris Cuomo over the growing controversy surrounding her numerous, lucrative speeches to large financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs.

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What Trump, Cruz and the GOP Field Won’t Tell You About Reaganomics

Every candidate in the GOP presidential race is running on the same economic platform: slash taxes, slash spending, slash regulation. It’s the Republicans’ special formula, guaranteed to spark prosperity and opulence for all. At recent debates, candidates have said things like this:

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As Bernie Sanders Is Showing, This Country Is Much More Progressive Than You Think

With the races for the presidential nominations heating up, and Iowa and New Hampshire just a stone’s throw away, it is time for Americans to come to terms with the undeniable truth: We are a country of equality-loving, regulation-supporting, bleeding-blue liberals.

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