Doug Kreeger

The Art of the Steal: Has Trump Finally Found Someone to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

At last, Trump has set the stage for a sequel to his first book of lies, The Art of the Deal—and in grand style. He’s found the right investor. He may have received a gold necklace from the Saudi king and looked regal; he is actually acting as a broker to have Saudi Arabia invest $40 billion in Blackstone, so Trump can give away our crown jewels in the guise of fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Like all Trump deals, being the showman, he'll leave the details to others.

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What Does Scaling Back Government Really Mean for You and Me?

Cutting taxes in the guise of putting more money back in the pockets of the 99 percent is a 100 percent wrong approach to our economic woes. It depletes the revenue we need to maintain public services and vital infrastructure that Americans expect and, in many cases, require to sustain our daily lives. Sure, we should trim the fat. But hacking at the muscle decimates the economy and quality of life for all of us.

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Why Do Democrats Keep Calling the Alarm and Pressing the Snooze?

The shock and dismay of Republican Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts is still with us. Yet again the people have spoken, putting someone in office who in no way represents their real interests. Scott Brown was catapulted into power because of anger. It's time to stop blaming politicians and take responsibility ourselves; time to get involved and understand that if you don’t like something in a democracy, make sure the people you have elected stand up for what you are passionate about. That’s the people’s role; how about the politicians who have some power in their hands?

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Republicans Clearly Are Willing to Let This Country Collapse if They Think it Will Win Them Elections

Last week, we witnessed how the Republicans will help serve this country in the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

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Scott McClellan and the Public-Sector Privateers

So here we go again. Thanks to Scott McClellan, we now have what we already knew but people like him were afraid to tell us. Everybody lied. No surprise here. McNamara did it, Powell did it -- all these public servants, paid by our tax dollars while working, cashed in by selling books when they got off the payroll. That is the morally bankrupt mess we're in. People of conscience, like Daniel Ellsberg, have been replaced by co-conspirators who only find the truth when they are paid to do so through book contracts. They may refuse to go before Congress while working for us, citing executive privilege, but once they are gone, it's "Sign me up and send me on a book tour!"

While we used to be protected in this country with a system of checks and balances, the only checks seem to go right into the balances of the authors capitalizing on their public service. It might be nice to find a remedy for this seemingly slimy and unethical situation, but we might find ourselves doomed forever from finding out what we thought all along. At the very least, here are a few ways, if not particularly practical ones, to discourage these public servant profiteers.

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