Delcianna J. Winders

Why Is the State of Wisconsin Propping Up a Dying and Cruel Industry? (Video)

As the public learns the truth about the abuse inherent in wild animal circuses, people are turning their backs on this cruel industry. State governments across America have played an instrumental role in protecting wild animals long exploited for circuses. Rhode Island and California passed laws banning the use of bullhooks—the sharp, fireplace-poker-like weapons that circuses rely on to terrorize elephants and force them to perform unnatural and often painful tricks. The Illinois and New York state legislatures recently passed bans on traveling elephant acts. Other states are exploring similar measures. 

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Wild Animal Acts Are Becoming a Thing of the Past, but Some Circuses Insist on Continuing Their Cruel Ways

The New York City Council just passed a ban on traveling wild-animal acts. Ringling Bros. has shuttered, following a decade of falling ticket sales. Numerous Shrine and other circuses are reconsidering animal acts. Countries around the world have also banned traveling wild-animal acts.

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