David E. Gumpert

How the Federal Government Manufactured 21 Actual Raw Milk Illnesses into a Much Scarier 20,000

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that one in six Americans, or some 48 million people, get sick each year from food-borne illness. The agency arrives at this huge number, despite the fact that only about 15,000 actual illnesses are reported to the CDC by state health agencies, by using “under-diagnosis multipliers” and various other mathematical modeling.

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Why Aren't Liberals Standing up for Food Rights?

Quick, name three countries that crack down on small farmers who follow the centuries-old tradition of selling food privately to friends and neighbors.

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Should You Be Able to Buy Food Directly From Farmers? Regulators Don't Think So

Around the country, local farmers are selling meat, dairy products, and other dinner table staples directly to neighbors, who are increasingly flocking to the farms in search of wholesome food.

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The Raw Milk Fight Has Gone from Fringe to Mainstream

The movement to fight off the federal and state campaigns against raw milk over the past three years has been viewed by the mainstream media as pretty much a fringe thing. A bunch of crazy farmers who refuse to send their milk for pasteurization, and even crazier consumers, who insist on supposedly endangering their health with the unprocessed milk.

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