Cherri Senders

This Martin Luther King Day -- Let's Fight to Improve the Economic Plight of Black America

By the time of his death at the hands of an assassin’s bullet in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had shifted much of the focus of his activism to the issue of economic inequality. His belief that poverty was holding back American society as much as racism is what brought him to Memphis, where he marched with striking sanitation workers fighting for better pay as part of his Poor People’s Campaign. Those workers, like many at the bottom of the economic ladder, were largely African American.

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Today Is Cesar Chavez Day! Why We Need a New Consumer Movement to Support Good Jobs

Cesar Chavez day in a national holiday celebrated in the US on March 31 in honor of the great United Farm Workers’ birthday and enduring legacy. The holiday pays homage to Chavez’s life and work and his commitment to social justice through the use of non-violence, strikes, and boycotts. It is a day to promote service to the community in his honor. Although it is not federal holiday, it has been celebrated as a holiday in many states including California (since 1995), Texas (since 2000), Colorado (since 2003), Arizona, Michigan, Nevada (in Reno since 2003), Nebraska and New Mexico. On March 28, 2014, President Obama proclaimed the day as the national Cesar Chavez Day.

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