Brian Whitney

Find Out How Endangered the Wilderness Is Near You

Several Republican lawmakers want to give much of the public land that is now under federal protection to the states. Recently Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) introduced a bill that would have transferred more than 3 million acres of public land in the Western U.S. to the states. After an intense public outcry, the bill was dropped. To the uninitiated, this might seem fairly innocuous. What difference does it make if the federal government or states control our public lands, as long as we keep them wild?

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Hero for Animals or Eco-Terrorist? One Man's Lifelong Mission to Be a Voice for the Wild

Depending on who you talk to, Rod Coronado is either a true American revolutionary or one of the world’s most infamous eco-terrorists. Coronado, a member of the Pascua Yaqui tribe, has dedicated his life to being “a voice for the wild” by sabotaging commercial enterprises such as whaling ships and fur farms, and the universities that support their work. While this choice may have benefited the causes Coronado champions, he has also endured more than six years in prison, convicted of what the government calls crimes of conspiracy and sabotage. He calls it “direct action.”

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Meet the GOP Mayor From Indiana Who Served on Obama’s Climate Task Force

James Brainard, the Republican six-term mayor of Carmel, Indiana, is a rare breed. Unlike many of his fellow GOP members who deny the science of man-made climate change (there are 182 climate deniers in the 114th Congress in 2016; 144 in the House and 38 in the Senate), Brainard is a staunch supporter of efforts to control climate change.

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11 Lies People (And My Mom) Told Me About Drugs

When I was a kid, I remember being terrified about going to junior high school. My mom told me that kids were going to try and force me to do drugs. I wouldn’t be safe at recess, or in the halls. They were going to hold me down and force drugs down my throat. 

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