Brendan Bures

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Admits To Wishing He Still Smoked Marijuana

Marijuana consumption rumors have followed around New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for some time now. Partly because he continues to invite such rumors, with various actions and comments like one he made earlier this week.

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Exactly How Cheap Will Marijuana Be In The Future?

As the cannabis industry continues to produce immense profits as one of the nation’s fastest growing job markets, it would stand to reason that opportunists would want in. Really, who could blame anyone who wants to work in the cannabis industry? The more, the better, right?

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California Is Growing Way Too Much Weed, and It’s a Problem

As the cannabis industry continues to expand there will be growing pains. The expansion of any new industry in its adolescence requires such issues but one headline you’ve perhaps seen regards marijuana shortage in certain states or countries. To those more aware within the cannabis industry, this comes across as false alarms. The panic is mostly manufactured.

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