Great Moments in Drug Enforcement

Oh look: a high ranking U.S. drug official in Mexico also "served as a secret ally of traffickers while he was posted in Guadalajara." Specifically, Richard Padilla Cramer used his post to report DEA informants to big drug cartels, for cash! The druglords would use this information to kill said informants in gross and painful ways. This, of course, comes as a "Complete Shock" for anyone who hasn't noticed that every DEA agent in Latin America has done the same thing, for the same reason, forever.

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A New Cold War Brewing in Latin America?

After being the only country to back out of the South American Defense Council (CSD) during May's founding of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Colombia has now agreed to join the fledgling initiative. President Uribe reconsidered after speaking with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Brazil's Lula during the latter's visit to Colombia. Lula was in Bogota over the weekend to sign Defense and other bilateral cooperation agreements between Colombia and Brazil.

Despite his country's reversal, Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos today stated that he "still does not know what [the CSD] is for" during an event at the Center for American Progress (video). Santos is in Washington in an attempt to exploit the July 2 hostage operation and push Congress to pass the Colombian Free Trade Agreement and grant $Billions more for Plan Colombia, which is already the biggest military partnership in the Americas. (NYT Op-ed co-authored w/ US Defense Secretary Gates).


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