Aunt B in CO

DUMPED! Jefferson County Ousts 3 Conservative School Board Members in Successful Recall Effort

For two years, due to very low turnout in an off-year, JeffCo CO struggled with three new members of a 5 member [school] board that immediately became a board of three. One of their obvious goals was to privatize education as much as possible through charters and some business owned charters of questionable reputation. They treated American History as if about Civil Rights or anything else requiring dissent or standing for your rights should come out of the history books. Since some of them are tea party types, I don't know how they would have treated The Boston Tea Party. They treated all teachers in the schools as worthless, 1% merit raises if they approved of the teacher, 0 for everyone else. They shortened the teacher's contract for the 15-16 School year, and were offering new teachers with equivalent credentials higher starting salaries than they were paying existing teachers.They imported a high school vice-principal from a much smaller school district and paid him more than the nationally recognized school superintendent who took early retirement without any search for a qualified replacement. I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

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