Andrew Wasley

In Vino Veritas: Pesticides Used in Vineyards Are Blamed for Health Problems

Wenny Tari knows a thing or two about wine. She and her husband, Gabriel, have been making it since 1982 when they inherited a vineyard in France’s picturesque Languedoc region, in the south of the country, from Gabriel’s father.

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Journalists and Activists Risking Imprisonment or Death For Investigating Environmental Issues

The call came early in the end. Around seven. We were on, our contact said. Tonight was the night. We'd been waiting most of the day after last night's plans had been aborted at the eleventh hour. The taxi picked us up, as arranged. The driver had been paid well above the going rate for this and wasn't interested in the details.

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'Dash for Gas' Hits Europe as One Country Finds Itself on the Front Lines of the Fracking Battle

This report forms part of a major collaboration between Link TV's Earth Focus programme and The Ecologist magazine, reporting on the spread of fracking around the world. You can view all the film reports and associated coverage in the series here. 

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