Alison Pace

What the New TV Lineup Says About America's Beliefs on Money, Sex and More

Pop culture can give us an intriguing window into how our attitudes as a nation are shifting. In the roster of new primetime TV shows premiering in the next few weeks, weighty issues abound. On the whole, it looks like we're getting more relaxed about gay marriage, more supicious of the wealthy, and more uncertain about our country's future. Is anyone in Washington paying attention? We'll find out soon enough.

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Why Novelist Elinor Lipman is Tweeting a Political Poem a Day Until the Election

Last spring, Elinor Lipman, the author of nine novels including The Inn at Lake Devine and Then She Found Me and The Family Man, pledged to tweet a political poem once a day, every day, until the 2012 election. Ten months later, she’s still going strong, steadily contemplating the Republican debates and the state of the upcoming presidential race through rhyme.

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