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Friday, August 18, 2017

Donald Trump Kicked a Hornet's Nest When He Fired Steve Bannon

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Bannon will take the helm at Breitbart News, the far right's most powerful propaganda outlet.

Paul Krugman: We Have a Madman in the White House

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

The New York Times columnist says Trump makes Caligula look reasonable by comparison.

The Human Carnage From Billionaires Trying to Carve Up the Planet to Build Their Empires Is Astounding

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

From Yemen to Haiti and everywhere in between, the poorest citizens are punished for unknown crimes.

What Were Bannon's Motives for Calling a Liberal Journalist Out of the Blue?

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Is the White House adviser trying to steer Trump's sinking ship to the left?

Of Course, Weeping Nazi Chris Cantwell Started as a 'Men's Rights' Activist

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

The world of online anti-feminism has become a gateway to white supremacy.

Steve Bannon Finally Gets the Heave-Ho After Weeks of Speculation

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

There has been a bipartisan call for his firing since an alt-right rally left one dead.

Has the Liberal Media Enabled a Nationwide Crackdown on Trump's Political Enemies?

By Alex Reid Ross, AlterNet

The president's smear of the "alt-left" echoes what mainstream outlets have been saying for months.

Jon Stewart Surprises Dave Chappelle Audience With Hilarious Rant About Trump

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

The former "Daily Show" host was livid over the president's response to Charlottesville.

Don Lemon Threatens to Ban Republican Congressman if He Won't Stop Parroting Trump's Lies

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"I can’t let you come here if you won’t tell the truth."

Heather Heyer's Mother Won't Speak with Trump: 'Not After What He Said About My Child'

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

Susan Bro had initially praised the president for condemning white supremacists.

Tina Fey Crashes 'Weekend Update' to Deliver Epic Takedown of Trump and His Neo-Nazi Supporters

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"I've seen 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' and I wasn't confused by it."

Two Major Magazines Go There After Trump's Abominable Response to Charlottesville

By Oliver Holmes, The Guardian

The New Yorker and the Economist artfully present the president as a white supremacist.

'That House Is Evil': Former Tenant Reveals Tales of Bannon's Old Porn and Meth Pad in Florida

By Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story

Horror stories involve Bannon and his ex-wife.

Stonewall Jackson's Great-Great-Grandsons Call for Removal of Confederate Monuments

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

At least 1,500 are left across the country.

Sean Hannity Has Been Dumpster Diving With Conspiracy Theorists Again

By Matt Gertz, Media Matters for America

The Fox News host is pushing an insane new story about "Antifa agitators."

Here Come the Ecosexuals

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

They're here to save the earth through love, joy and their powers of seduction.

How Online Trolls Pushing for Regime Change in Syria Helped Popularize Trump’s Attack on the ‘Alt-Left’

By Ben Norton, AlterNet

A motley crew of toxic interventionists were pioneers in attacking the traditional anti-war left with the term.

How to Fight Back After Charlottesville

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Make a lifetime commitment to stand against white supremacy.

I Was Taught That the Civil War Didn't Have Much to Do With Slavery—Students Deserve Better

By Laura Faith Kebede, Chalkbeat

Growing up near Charlottesville, I was taught the same misleading story of American history that white supremacists are peddling today.

How the Companies Making Movies Like 'Toy Story 3' and 'The Incredibles' Are Teaching Our Children Militarism

By Heidi Tilney Kramer, OpenDemocracy

Buzz Lightyear is tortured and becomes a prison guard in the surveillance-laden dystopia of "Toy Story 3." Does it matter?

Professor of German History: Why Trump's Response to Charlottesville Is Frightening on Historical Levels

By Richard E. Frankel, History News Network

In 2017, we are frighteningly close to the horrors of 1939.

Why It May Not Be the Smart Move to Punch a Neo-Nazi, No Matter How Much He Is Asking for It

By Ben Yee, AlterNet

Violence muddies the water between the good guys and the bad guys.

Nike Facing Calls to Sever Ties With President Trump

By Jennie Neufeld, Julia Flasphaler, AlterNet

Activists say it's time for Nike to choose which side of history it will stand on.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Robert Reich: Trump's Defense of White Supremacists Is Just Part of a More Nefarious Plot

By Robert Reich,

All-out civil war has been the president's aim since he took office.

7 Things to Know About the Mindset of the Neo-Nazis

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The era of the loud and proud white racist is upon us.

Why Can't White Supremacists Confront the Fact That the Source of Their Economic Problems Is White Economic Elites?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Frustrated young white men are facing class divisions more than racial divides.

Trump's Longtime Business Partner Told Family He and POTUS Are 'Going to Prison': Report

By David Edwards, Raw Story

Felix Sater hinted last month that he's already flipped on the president.

White Nationalists Are Flocking to Genetic Ancestry Tests, and They're Not Liking What They Find

By Eric Boodman, STAT

Turns out their bloodlines aren't as "pure" as they're desperate to believe they are.

Seth Meyers Takes Trump Apart in Emotional, Must-Watch Monologue

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"He showed us again who he really is: a lying racist who’s desperate for praise."

A Stomach-Turning Percentage of Republicans Agree with Trump's Handling of Charlottesville

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

A new poll indicates the GOP's rank-and-file still have the president's back.

Even a Fox News Host Is Getting Death Threats After Criticizing Donald Trump

By Angelo Young, Salon

Tiffany Timpf says she's stopped checking emails since she nearly broke down in tears on air.

There's a Big Fight Brewing Between 1 Billionaire and 2 Million School Kids in Illinois Over Funding

By Jennifer Berkshire, AlterNet

As the school year begins, a bitter battle over funding rages in Illinois.

Donald Trump Is Afraid of Steve Bannon, and That's Why He Won't Fire Him: Report

By Angelo Young, Salon

If the president fires his political strategist, he could lose support from angry white nationalists.

Stephen Colbert Can Be Certain of One Thing After Trump's Repulsive Defense of White Nationalists

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The "Late Show" host lamented the president's failure of "moral leadership."

'They Degraded Me': Texas Woman Says Dashcam Video Proves Cops Raped Her During Traffic Stop

By David Edwards, Raw Story

Charnesia Corley was sexually assaulted during a routine traffic stop.

4 National Publications Call for Trump's Removal from Office

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Suggestions include forced resignation and the invocation of the 25th Amendment.

Why Is the Justice Department Targeting an Online Audience of Over 1 Million Anarchists?

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Anti-Trump website balks as Washington demands names, addresses and bank information of their users.

Meet the College Student Who Pulled Down a Confederate Statue in Durham & Defied White Supremacy

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Takiyah Thompson had the courage to do what elected officials did not.

Just How Many Neo-Nazis Are There in the U.S., Anyway?

By Julia Flasphaler, AlterNet

Hate groups are exposed for their racism in the U.S.

Labor Unions to Trump: No More Trickle-Down Trade Deals

By Leo Gerard, AlterNet

Workers don’t need any more free trade; they need good jobs.

How Can Working People Protect Their Incomes as the Robots Increasingly Take Over?

By Alissa Quart, The Guardian

Instead of working to give robots personhood status, we should concentrate on protecting human workers.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I Was in Charlottesville When the Nazis Moved In—They're Coming for You Next

By Adele M. Stan,

White supremacist rallies are planned for at least nine cities this weekend.

Fox & Friends Guests Reduced to Tears by 'Morally Bankrupt' Trump

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

"Good people don't pal around with Nazis."

How Marijuana May Treat Aggressive Brain Cancer

By Al Olson, The Fresh Toast

Successful treatment "reinforces the potential role of cannabinoids in the field of oncology."

CNN Analyst Michael Weiss Hosted Anti-Muslim Rally with Far-Right Hate Queen Pamela Geller

By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

From Muslim-bashing neocon operative to CNN’s Syria and Russia expert, it’s been a long, strange trip for Weiss.

The Neo-Nazi Rally in Charlottesville Was Even More Terrifying on the Ground

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

A harrowing new documentary gets up close and personal with white supremacists.

Why the GOP Sides With the Klan and the Nazis

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

If you can’t win on issues, you win on racism.

Trump May Actually Have Millions of Americans Hypnotized, Expert Says

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

Maybe it's not just distraction tactics, but actual mind control.

Is Donald Trump a Nazi Sympathizer?

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

At the very least, he's made clear he has a real soft spot for white nationalists.

Trump Disbands Business Advisory Councils Rather Than Face the Humiliation of Its Members' Resignations

By Joan McCarter, DailyKos

Just this week, he called departing CEOs "grandstanders."

WATCH: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Can't Hide His Disgust During Trump's Charlottesville Remarks

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Kelly was visibly uncomfortable as the president defended white supremacists.

Donald Trump Could Personally Cost Americans Thousands of Dollars in Bigger Health Care Bills

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Obamacare premiums could rise by 20 percent if the president kills 2018 subsidies.

'Shame on You, Paris!': Conservative CNN Panelist Shuts Down Trump Supporter

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Why does CNN keep inviting this guy on-air?

Right-Wing Website Quietly Removes Writings of Neo-Nazi March Organizer from Its Archives

By Eric Hananoki, Media Matters

Before the Unite the Right rally, Jason Kessler was a contributor to the Daily Caller.

Helen Mirren Politely, Completely Rips Ivanka Trump

By Rachel Leah, Salon

She's called out Trump many times before, but now she has words for Ivanka.

Stephen Colbert Wonders if Trump Will Make It to the End of the Week

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The "Late Show" host takes the president to task for his abhorrent Charlottesville remarks.

Spare Us Your Sober Monologue About Trump and Charlottesville, Jimmy Fallon

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The "Tonight Show" host helped normalize a white supremacist. It's a little late for condemnation now.

Fox News' Charles Krauthammer Condemns Trump in No Uncertain Terms

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

"What Trump did today was a moral disgrace."

Baltimore Takes Down Multiple Confederate Statues in the Middle of the Night

By Jamie Grierson, The Guardian

And other cities could soon be following suit.

Michael Moore Comes Out and Says It—if You Support Trump, You're a Racist

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

"You are culpable White America, I'm sorry."

4 North Korea Flashpoints That Could Trigger Nuclear War Later This Month

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Trump’s rhetoric makes a bad situation more dangerous.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: With a Racist in the White House, the Bloodshed in Charlottesville Was Predictable

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Racism is baked into the foundation of America.

What It's Like to Protest Trump Nearly 7 Months After His Disastrous Presidency Began

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Thousands converge on the streets of New York City to demonstrate their disapproval of the president.

Stephen Bannon Faces 'Internal Exile' in Trump's White House—and Could Get Booted This Friday: Report

By Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story

Bannon is blamed for Trump’s failure to condemn white nationalists and neo-Nazis after the violence in Charlottesville.

Michael Moore Took His Broadway Audience to Protest at Trump Tower

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The liberal filmmaker loaded theater-goers onto double-decker buses.

U.S. Wind and Solar Boom Helped Prevent 12,700 Deaths in a Single Year

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch

A new study gives us further reason to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spare Us Your Sober Monologue About Trump and Charlottesville, Jimmy Fallon

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The "Tonight Show" host helped normalize a white supremacist. It's a little late for condemnation now.

Trump Freely Defends White Supremacists, Claims 'Both Sides' to Blame for Charlottesville

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The president also refused to call white nationalist James Fields Jr. a terrorist.

Robert Reich: Trump Is Trying to Start a Civil War

By Robert Reich,

White supremacy was part of his political strategy from the start.

Facebook Gave a Neo-Nazi Website a Huge Assist in Spreading Hate After Charlottesville

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

The Daily Stormer doesn't get a hundred thousand clicks all on its own.

'I Can't Believe It Just Happened': Fox News Host on the Verge of Tears Over Trump's 'Disgusting' Presser

By Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story

That it’s “controversial” to call Nazis bad people, Timpf said, made her want to laugh and cry and equal measure.

The Damage We Do to Boys and Men That Explains the Trump Presidency

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Toxic masculinity hurts men and women alike.

'Wow, That Was Something Else': Incredulous Jake Tapper Amazed by Trump's 'Stunning' Press Conference

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

Trump has astonished everyone with his inability to condemn the acts of hate by white nationalists in Charlottesville.

WATCH: Pro-Trump CNN Commentator Paris Dennard Melts Down on Live Television

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The panel's moderator finally had to tell him to "shut up."

Trump Retweets Prominent Alt-Right Conspiracy Theorist After Reluctantly Denouncing White Supremacists

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The president has been lambasted for his tepid response to Charlottesville.

A Depressing Psychological Profile: My Meeting With Donald Trump Shows His Obvious Impairment Has Only Gotten Worse

By Bill Curry, Salon

He raged over mere slights, saw plots in every ill turn of events and was stunningly self-absorbed.

Police Stood by as Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

By A.C. Thompson, Robert Faturechi, Karim Hajj, ProPublica

Cops and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis beat counter-protesters.

Identities of the Charlottesville White Nationalist Marchers Revealed

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

Twitter users are forcing the unmasked racists to face the consequences.

Holocaust Memorial in Boston Shattered, Days After Neo-Nazi Rally in Charlottesville

By Conor Gaffey, Newsweek

One civil rights group blames Trump for creating an "incubator of hate."

Three More CEOs Resign From American Manufacturing Council Following Trump's Response to Charlottesville

By Jennie Neufeld, Julia Flasphaler, AlterNet

The three join Merck Pharma CEO Kenneth Frazier, who quit Monday.

Sorry, Mr. President: White People Are Not Oppressed in America

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

White people genuinely believe they are oppressed in American society, a deeply dangerous delusion.

Neo-Nazis Called on Trump to Pardon Joe Arpaio—Now He's 'Seriously Considering' Doing It

By Alex Kaplan, Media Matters

The president has called the former Arizona sheriff "a great American patriot."

Stephen Colbert Stumps Anthony Scaramucci with One Pointed Question

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The "Late Show" host's interview with the disgraced White House communications director did not disappoint.

White Supremacists Don't Think They Have Power? Look at the Voting Laws in the States They Come From!

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

States with the worst anti-voter laws and most hate groups will play big roles in 2018 and 2020.

If We Can't Defend Animal Rights, We Don't Deserve to Call Ourselves Progressives

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

It's time for a revolution in thinking about the world's most pervasive form of exploitation.

Fox News Went to Obscene Lengths to Avoid Reporting on the Charlottesville

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The network's hosts focused instead on Obama and Black Lives Matter. Really.

America Is Hooked on the Drug of White Supremacy—We're Paying for That Today

By Carol Anderson, The Guardian

The nation is gripped by a deep malaise—and is writhing under its disastrous effects.

Neo-Nazi Site 'Daily Stormer' Finally Booted Off GoDaddy and Google for Inciting Charlottesville Violence

By Julia Flasphaler, AlterNet

The white nationalist website's vulgar article on a victim of the Charlottesville counterprotest was the final straw.

Captain Sully to Trump: You're Grounded

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

The "Hero of the Hudson" blasts the president's plan to privatize air traffic control.

Not Just in Charlottesville: Across the Country, Bills Immunize Drivers Who Injure Protesters

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

The tragedy of Charlottesville sheds light on this unconstitutional trend.

Could the Dust in Your House Make You Gain Weight?

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

The chemicals in our household dust may prime our bodies to gain more weight.

Little Kids, Big Fears: Talking About North Korea (and Trump) With Eight Year Olds

By The Editors of Rethinking Schools, Rethinking Schools

We don't protect kids by not engaging them in conversations about what's happening in the world.

Don't Privatize the Afghan War—Just End It

By Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthdig

Trump’s mercenary supporter Erik Prince has a self-serving proposal for Afghanistan. It must be condemned and rejected.

Opioids: An Important Treatment That Can Be Used Responsibly

By Ronald A. Lindsay, AlterNet

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

As Billionaire Apple Heiress Laurene Powell Jobs Buys the Atlantic, Will Her Fierce Charter School Advocacy Be on the Agenda?

By Rodney Benson, Victor Pickard, The Conversation

Don't expect billionaires to be benevolent when it comes to a free press.

We Would Need 1.7 Earths to Sustain Humanity's Current Rate of Resource Consumption

By Dr. David Suzuki, AlterNet

We're overfishing, overharvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than natural sinks like forests can sequester.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Paul Krugman: Trump Won't Denounce White Supremacists for One Obvious Reason

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

"The current president of the United States isn't a real American."

Charlottesville Goddamn

By Michael Winship,

Trump’s refusal to condemn his backing from white supremacists is appalling.

How We Got from George W. Bush to Donald Trump: Liberals Had More to Do with It Than We’d Like to Think

By Anis Shivani, Salon

History may view the Obama presidency as a brief (and failed) neoliberal interlude on the road to American fascism.

Protesters Gather as Trump Makes His First Trip to NYC's Trump Tower Since Assuming Office

By Jennie Neufeld, AlterNet

Multiple rallies are organizing outside of the president's palace-like residence to protest his dangerous stances on Charlottesville and North Korea.

7 Ways Teachers Can Respond to the Evil of Charlottesville, Starting Now

By Xian Franzinger Barrett, AlterNet

An educator confronts the failures of an education system that breeds white supremacy.

America Has Entered an Age of Sadness and Despair—and Our President Personally Made This Possible

By Bob Cesca, Salon

Trump has enabled and encouraged fascist violence. Now he must be removed from office.

Father of Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Marcher Publicly Disowns His Son

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

"I have taught all of my children that all men and women are created equal."

John Oliver Excoriates Trump for Flunking the Most Basic Test of Political Leadership and Human Decency

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

"This was a white nationalist rally, you have to call that out by name."

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama Yet Again After Charlottesville?

By Riddhima Kanetkar, International Business Times

The first lady last cribbed from her predecessor during the Republican National Convention.

Trump Releases Repellent Campaign Ad Amidst Neo-Nazi Terrorist Attack

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The video features smiling white people and casts Rep. Maxine Waters as a villain.

Charlottesville Is Just More Evidence America Was Born and Raised on Racism and Violence

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Racist violence is as American as apple pie.

Pharma CEO Publicly Resigns from Trump's Advisory Council with Scorching Statement

By Jen Hayden, DailyKos

Ken Frazier was disgusted by the president's refusal to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville.

'Murderer! Terrorist! Nazi!': White Supremacist Rally Organizer Chased Away During Charlottesville Speech

By Jason Wilson, The Guardian

Jason Kessler needed police to protect him from protesters.

'Morning Joe' Panel Sets Fire to Trump's Refusal to Condemn White Supremacists

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

"What a pathetic, sniveling, little man our president is."

After Charlottesville, a Surge in Anti-Racism Rallies Across the Country

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

The resistance did what the president would not.

A Working-Class Strategy for Defeating White Supremacy

By Gabriel Kristal, In These Times

People often only make the effort to challenge their prejudices when they are engaged in struggle with others.

Democrats’ 'Better Deal' Is a Bum Deal for Progressives—and Won’t Win Elections

By Christopher Sebastian Parker, Salon

Do Democrats really believe that chasing Trump voters while alienating people of color will win elections?

Nuke Threats Prove Trump's Unfitness to Govern

By Adele M. Stan, The American Prospect

It’s time for Congress to prove its loyalty lies with the American people.

‘He Totally Wants to Be a Dictator’: Bill Maher Warns CNN Host that Trump Won’t Relinquish Power Easily

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

"Real Time” host Bill Maher tore into President Donald Trump.

Is Jeff Sessions’ Objection to Marijuana Racially Motivated?

By Ryan Jennemann, Newsweek

Cannabis is not a public safety threat.

New Study Shows What We Already Learned the Hard Way: Stop Overfunding The Military

By Nick Turse, TomDispatch

More money and more weapons don't equal more success for the Pentagon.

How Air Conditioning Is a Hidden and Major Class Divide in America

By Sarah Anderson, OtherWords

Most Americans now have A/C at home, but not work.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville Is Just More Evidence America Was Born and Raised on Racism and Violence

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Racist violence is as American as apple pie.

Robert Reich: A National Calamity in the Making

By Robert Reich,

All of us must stand up against the white supremacists' violence.

Victim and Suspect in White Supremacist Terror Attack in Charlottesville Have Been Identified

By Taylor Link, Salon

The man who drove a car into the crowd is an avowed white supremacist.

'We Must Call Evil by Its Name': Republicans Criticize Trump, Jeff Sessions for Ignoring White Supremacists in Charlottesville Statements

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

The nation's top leaders condemned the violence "on all sides"—yet ignored the white nationalists who stoked it.

White Supremacy in the Age of Trump

By Keri Leigh Merritt,

The U.S. has a long history of upper-class whites who have benefited from racism.

Paul Krugman Says U.S. Held Hostage by 'Axis of Climate Evil'

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Bad actors control U.S. climate policy and may destroy the planet before they can be stopped.

Trump's Generals Can Save the World from War

By Bill Powell, Newsweek

James Mattis, H.R. McMaster and John Kelly have leverage over Trump.

10 Healthy Food Essentials You Can Easily Make at Home—and Never Have to Buy Again

By Annie B. Bond, AlterNet

It all starts with your pantry.

Bernie Sanders, and the Unexpected Socialist Revival

By Conor Lynch, Salon

Bernie Sanders proved socialism isn't dead—and some young people are even open to the banished ideas of Karl Marx.

Keith Ellison Is in Shock: Kim Jong-un Is ‘Acting More Responsible’ in Nukes Talk than Trump

By Bob Brigham, Raw Story

The Republican National Committee took issue with Ellison’s analysis of the two political leaders.

7 Dirty Denim Brands Destroying the Environment: Exporting Their Pollution Kills Thousands

By Todd Paglia, AlterNet

Air pollution from the world's largest denim companies is destructive to the people of China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

What the Google Gender 'Manifesto' Really Says About Silicon Valley

By Marie Hicks, The Conversation

Some in the media treated the document as a think piece deserving consideration and discussion.

Ralph Nader on What Should Be Essential Teaching in Schools

By Ralph Nader, Truthdig

Let's start with teaching civic skills and actions.

Being Poor Is More Expensive Than You'd Think

By Joshua Wilkey, This Appalachian Life

For giant corporations, there's big money to be made on the backs of those who have no money.

California Is Growing Way Too Much Weed, and It’s a Problem

By Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast

The state has an 800 percent surplus.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Terror in Charlottesville: Car Rams into Anti-Racist Protesters at White Supremacist Rally

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

One dead, multiple injured after car plows into crowd protesting racist rally in Virginia.

Bush-Era Ethics Czar Says Trump’s Far-Right Staffers Are to Blame for Charlottesville Riot: 'I Will Not Support Fascism'

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“We have never ever seen rhetoric similar to what has come out of this White House."

Paul Krugman Says U.S. Held Hostage by 'Axis of Climate Evil'

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Bad actors control U.S. climate policy and may destroy the planet before they can be stopped.

Leading Progressive Dem. Congressman: War With North Korea Is Grounds for Impeachment

By Ken Klippenstein, AlterNet

There are no good military options.

Watch: Rachel Maddow Digs into Trump's Shady Financial Past

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Remember that time in the 1980s when Trump short-changed New York City by $2.8 million? Rachel does.

Disturbing Trend: Bad Cops Getting Rehired Back into Law Enforcement

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Under Trump and Sessions, the problem is guaranteed to get worse.

WATCH: Colbert Mocks Trump's Needy Demand for Folders Full of ‘F**king Positive News’ About Himself Twice a Day

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“Positive news about Trump twice a day? Man, he should really share that with the rest of the world.”

WATCH: White Supremacists March with Torches Chanting Hate Against Jews and People of Color in Virginia

By Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times

"A cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism, and intolerance."

Let's Fight the Alt-Right, But Let's Be Smart About How We Do It

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Direct confrontation with alt-right goons is a bad idea.

War Crimes: Saudi Arabia Should Pay the Penalty for Catastrophe in Yemen

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

Yemen is at the brink of cholera and famine driven mass death.

Watch: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks Marijuana Should Be Legal

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

While the astrophysicist prefers reality to altered states, he doesn't believe pot should be illegal.

Republicans Rush to Monsanto's Aid Touting Industry-Biased Reuters Report

By Stacy Malkan, AlterNet

Flawed reporting has emerged as a key lobbying tool for the embattled agrichemical company.

How the Justice System Crushes People Who Can't Afford Bail

By Mehak Anwar, Brave New Films

In many cases, defendants who cannot afford to pay bail will be pressured into taking plea deals.

Blowing up the Myth of the 'Political Center' in America

By Gaius Publius, Down With Tyranny!

The radical independents are here to stay.

The Untold Stories of Women in the 1967 Detroit Rebellion and Its Aftermath

By Lisa Biggs, The Conversation

Where were the women in the movie "Detroit"?

NAACP Issues First-Ever Travel Advisory for a State: Missouri

By Ian Cummings, Kansas City Star

It was in response to longtime racial disparities in traffic enforcement and multiple incidents examples of harm to minority residents and visitors.