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Friday, July 28, 2017

Let's Not Ignore the Real Heroes Who Saved Our Health Care System from Total Ruin

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

Credit needs to be given where credit is due—and it isn't three Republican senators.

Trump Jr., Kushner and the Lie of Inherent White Innocence

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Don Jr. and Kushner benefit from the lifelong presumption of white innocence this racist society confers on them.

Will Trump Seal His Own Doom by Firing Sessions and Mueller?

By Bob Cesca, Salon

If Trump fires the two before summer's end, it could end his presidency.

Republicans Kill Medical Marijuana Provision for Veterans

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

If veterans want to use medical marijuana, they have to go outside the VA system.

Obamacare Lives! Senate Votes Down GOP Scheme to Destroy Our Health Care System

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Seven-year-long conservative crusade is defeated by united Democrats and three Republican defectors.

Krugman: McCain Is the Problem, Not the Solution

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

The Arizona senator "has almost always been a reliable partisan yes-man."

On the Brink of a Constitutional Crisis, the Nation Goes Numb

By Adele M. Stan, The American Prospect

There is a psychopath in the White House and his administration is being assessed through the norms of political coverage.

Bill Kristol Calls President Trump a 'Jackass' on CNN

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Kristol was angered by Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts.

Samantha Bee Shares Her Unorthodox Parenting Tips With Stephen Colbert

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The "Full Frontal" host's three children don't care for "normal children" things.

Trump's Justice Department Says Gays Aren't Eligible for Civil Rights Protections

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon

The Department of Justice claims that Title VII protections do not extend to the LGBT community.

Stephen Colbert Mocks Obscene Scaramucci Tirade

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

“You guys are going to have to break out the emergency extra bleeps for this one.”

Watch John McCain Cast 'No' Vote in a Big Blow to Trump's Presidency

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"We're getting nothing done," McCain warned the Senate on Tuesday.

5 Things That Are Really Wrong with the Schumer/Democratic Party Vision of the Future

By Ian Haney López,

If they think this will connect with voters, there are darker times ahead.

More and More People Are Getting Tattoos, and More Are Removing Them Too—What Gives?

By Anna Sanford, AlterNet

Shifting cultural attitudes and technological advancements are changing the tattoo industry.

'Skinny Repeal Bill'—a Trojan Horse for Broader ACA Repeal and Deep Medicaid Cuts

By Robert Greenstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

If the Senate rejects this gambit, the bipartisan process advocated by McCain and various governors and members of Congress of both parties could finally begin.

The First Openly Transgender Infantry Soldier in U.S. Army Speaks out on Trump's New Military Ban

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Staff Sergeant Patricia King has served in the Army for 18 years, including three active combat deployments to Afghanistan.

Anthony Scaramucci in Furious, Foul-Mouthed Attack on White House Rivals

By David Smith, The Guardian

Scaramucci attacks Bannon and calls Priebus "f*cking paranoid schizophrenic."

The Importance of the Fight for the South: Why It Can and Must Be Won

By Bob Wing, Stephen C. McClure, AlterNet

The influx of progressive demographic groups makes the South a strategic necessity.

'Things Start to Crack’: Columnist Says Scaramucci Freakout Shows Trump White House Is Floundering

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Charles P. Pierce warns America is moving into "very dangerous territory."

California Votes to Extend Landmark Cap-and-Trade Program—While Allowing Big Polluters to Get Away With Murder

By Reynard Loki, AlterNet

The new legislation makes huge concessions to the fossil fuel industry.

Stephen Colbert Relishes President Trump's Self-Inflicted Misery As He Looks For a Way Out

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"Sad to see a grown man who can't go a day without hearing the cheers of an adoring crowd."

Trump's Cynical Jobs Program: Dump Your House, Move Somewhere Else and Work for Less

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Maybe Trump supporters are glimpsing the truth: He has no plan to bring back high-paying jobs, and never did.

Burning Raqqa: The U.S. War Against Civilians in Syria

By Laura Gottesdiener, TomDispatch

The rise in so-called "collateral damage"—the slaughter of civilians—by United States’ bombings in Raqqa and elsewhere has exploded in the last six months.

Kansas SWAT Raid Over Tea Leaves and Tomato Garden Outrages Federal Judges

By Jon Parton, Courthouse News

The 10th Circuit laid into the cops who used tea leaves in the trash and a visit to a garden store to target a suburban family in a hoped-for pot bust.

America Depends on the Kurds to Fight Against ISIS in Syria, But Will the U.S. Repay the Favor After the War?

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

History shows that once their utility has been exhausted, they will be tossed in the scrap heap.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci in Furious, Foul-Mouthed Attack on White House Rivals

By David Smith, The Guardian

Scaramucci attacks Bannon and calls Priebus "f*cking paranoid schizophrenic."

Newt Gingrich Plays Goebbels for Trump in Insane Attack on Justice Department and Mueller

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Gingrich smears the DOJ's mission as a leftist vendetta.

The GOP Is Willing to Destroy Our Democracy If That's What It Takes to Repeal Obamacare

By Steven Rosenfeld, Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

At stake in the Senate vote is not just health care but equal protection under the law.

WATCH: CNN Panel Laughs in Trump Supporter’s Face Over His Desperate Spin on Leaks

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

“Why is it called a financial disclosure form? Because it’s meant to be disclosed.”

New White House Spokesman Scaramucci Quotes Joe Paterno on 'Honor and Integrity'

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

That sounds about right for this White House.

Jason Chaffetz Mocks Homeless Person on Instagram Because He Wants to 'Make People Think'

By Charlie May, Salon

Jason Chaffetz has left Congress but he is still whining about poor people with smartphones.

Michael Moore Tells Colbert He's Building an 'Army of Satire' to Combat President Trump

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

Moore's upcoming Broadway show aims to empower citizens to fight back against the Trump administration.

Constantly in an Angry Frenzy, Trump Is an Out-of-Control Chief Executive

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Add a dose of raw fear to the president's usual bluster and you have a very scary situation.

5 Reasons Why Democrats' 'Better Deal' Must Include Public Education

By Jeff Bryant, AlterNet

The Trump/DeVos education agenda is extraordinarily unpopular—and gives Democrats a big opening.

Trump Cites 'Tremendous Costs' for Transgender Servicemembers, When Military Spends Five Times More on Erectile Dysfunction Pills

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

Trump announced a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military Wednesday morning.

Jury Sentences Man to 137 Years in Jail for Stealing Tires

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Some crimes matter, while some lives do not.

Will Trump Try to Bypass Senate to Replace Jeff Sessions?

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Republicans are furious about his treatment of the attorney general.

Why Radiohead Frontman Thom Yorke's Newest Fans Include the Israeli Govt and Far-Right Demagogues

By Ben Norton, AlterNet

It's usually a red flag when Glenn Beck and far-right Israeli officials give you the thumbs-up.

10 Ways the Military Gobbles Up Your Tax Dollars to Pay for Multiple Wars

By William Hartung, TomDispatch

In government terms, make no mistake about it, the Pentagon & Co. are the 1 percent.

Protecting Superfunds: The Polluter Must Pay

By Lois Gibbs, AlterNet

The toxic legacy of Love Canal means we must protect the power of communities to hold polluters accountable.

New Israel Labour Leader Excites Some, but What Can He Offer the Palestinians?

By Ben White, The Arab Weekly

A new leader may have excited Labour voters, but for Palestinians experiencing apartheid firsthand, it all seems wearingly familiar.

Senate GOP Health Care Proposals Flounder on Second Day of Voting

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The CBO says repealing coverage mandates would cause 20 percent hikes in premiums.

Republicans in Congress Quick to Criticize Trump's Ban of Transgender People in the Military

By Charlie May, Salon

If Trump's transgender ban was just a cynical ploy to his base, it doesn't seem to be working all that well.

As the U.S. Backs Away From Syria’s Civil War, War-Weary Residents of Damascus Struggle to Survive

By Rania Khalek, AlterNet

The Syrian capital city is battered by Western sanctions and filled with the internally displaced.

Trump's Newest Disaster: Discharging Transgender People in Active Military Service Citing Ludicrous and Impractical Data

By Sam Riedel, AlterNet

The door remains open for another miscarriage of justice like Chelsea Manning’s.

Samantha Bee Has a Field Day With the 'Mooch' Scaramucci's Questionable Strategy: 'That Elephant Is Eating Itself'

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"What does 'The Mooch Doctrine' look like in practice? Oh, worse than you even imagined."

Jimmy Fallon Brings on Transgender Comedian to Zap Donald Trump for Military Ban

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Trump "probably thinks transgender people are those cars that turn into robots."

The Shocking, Unmatched Pains That Wal-Mart Took to Avoid Unions

By Rick Wartzman, PublicAffairs Books

Wal-Mart managers were supposed to contact corporate headquarters the moment they sniffed even a hint of union activity to get support in quashing labor reform.

After Devastating 2016 Loss, Democrats Pitch Populist Election Agenda

By Neil Baron, AlterNet

If they want to win, Democrats have to start by offering winning ideas.

Enter Your Hometown Into This Interactive to Find Your City's 'Climate Twin'

By Stacia Mullaney, AlterNet

New York City and Buenos Aires may be worlds apart, but their weather patterns are very similar.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

As Trump Prepares to Fire Mueller, the Rule of Law Has Never Been Weaker in Washington

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

White House turmoil as Trump trashes Sessions on a daily basis.

Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity Are Dominating America Under Trump

By Don Hazen, Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Expert Terry Real explains how hyper-masculinity presents a danger to us all.

Trump's Newest Disaster: Discharging Transgender People in Active Military Service Citing Ludicrous and Impractical Data

By Sam Riedel, AlterNet

The door remains open for another miscarriage of justice like Chelsea Manning’s.

Stephen Colbert Updates the Official Boy Scout Oath In Honor of President Trump

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"On my honor, I will do my best to make a tremendous amount of money."

Trump Decrees on Twitter That Transgender People Are Now Banned from Military Service

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

A reversal of Obama's decision to allow transgender people in the military.

President of Boy Scouts Has Billions of Reasons to Overlook Trump’s Controversial Jamboree Speech

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

The president of the BSA is seeking approval from the Trump administration to sign off on a proposed $85 billion media acquisition.

As Trump Attacks Sessions, Conservative Republicans Are Waking up to the President They Elected

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

As Trump torments his most loyal follower, others around him wonder who's next.

Dying McCain Preaches High Road on Health Care, But McConnell Stays on the Dark Side as Countless Lives Are at Stake

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Senate health care debate pits some of the best and worst in American politics with the outcome still unclear.

Modern-Day Eugenics? Prisoners Sterilized for Shorter Sentences

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

A Tennessee judge says he wants to give inmates a chance "not to be burdened with children."

Don't Worry About New Alabama Mad Cow, Says CDC, but Facts Suggest Otherwise

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet

Government agencies protect big agriculture at the expense of our health.

We Need a Broad-Based Movement to Stop Killing at Home and Across the Globe

By Medea Benjamin, AlterNet

It's time to universalize resistance.

WaPo Worships a Principled, Humanitarian McCain Who Has Never Existed

By Adam Johnson, FAIR

He uses the rhetorical bludgeon of “human rights” as an arbitrary tool to push for war and demonize U.S. enemies.

Trump's 'America First' Campaign Is Already a Total Failure: He Has Diminished Our Standing in the World

By Lucia Graves, Salon

Despite his patriotic bluster, Trump's words and deeds threaten to make America an outcast among nations.

At Last, Trump Finds His Mini-Me

By Paul Waldman, The American Prospect

Anthony Scaramucci perfectly embodies the Trump administration.

'Pissed-Off' Jeff Sessions Won't Give 'Insane' Trump the Satisfaction of Quitting: Report

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

The president is very mercurial, and like Steve Bannon, Sessions could rise again.

WATCH: Texas Police Officer Harasses Black Teen for Mowing Grass

By Shreesha Ghosh, International Business Times

Promoting one's business while black is apparently now a crime.

Zombie Trumpcare Refuses to Die, but Protesters Are Just as Relentless

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Protest is a part of today's daily routine.

After an Attack on a Bus of Hindu Pilgrims in India, a Muslim Driver Saves Lives and a Politician Saves Government Dignity

By Teesta Setalvad, AlterNet

Seven people died, but the fallout could have been much worse in a country tense with religious violence.

The Boy Scouts Are Stunned by Donald Trump's Totally Inappropriate, Jaw-Dropping Speech

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon

Donald Trump uses his speech in front of the Boy Scouts to score political points at a decidedly nonpolitical event.

Jamaican Man Denied Entry to U.S. for 11-Year-Old Daughter's Funeral Over Decades-Old Drug Charge

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

He was refused a visa under harsh American immigration laws. Will Trump help?

Record Numbers of Americans Support Humane Alternatives to Animal Testing and Demand Restored Transparency

By Marcia Kramer, AlterNet

Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent on animal medical experiments, with little accountability to the public.

This Real-Life 'Handmaid's Tale' Makes for One of the Year's Most Compelling Documentaries

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"Birthright: A War Story" follows two unlikely victims in the war on reproductive choice.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

13 Bright Spots and Optimistic Thinkers Challenge the Dark Future of Trump

By AlterNet Staff, AlterNet

Positive views and a good sense of progressive history will help us fight the Trump disasters.

Real-Life Health Care Struggles Versus Right-Wing Gutting of Safety Nets at Stake in Today's Senate Vote

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Will Republican senators be bullied by Trump and McConnell, or defend millions of constituents from drastic health care cuts?

Former CIA Director Encourages Federal Officials to Refuse Any Trump Order to Fire Mueller

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

"I really hope that members of Congress and elected representatives are going to stand up and say, enough is enough."

Stephen Colbert Debunks the Warning In President Trump's Self-Pardon Tweet

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"Mr. President, you should know, self-pardoning is a sin."

Boy Scouts of America Skewered for 'Total Cop-Out' on Trump's Jamboree Speech

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

There were multiple comparisons to Hitler Youth.

A Dying Baby and His Parents Are Being Exploited by the GOP to Advance Their Project to Destroy the American Health Care System

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

The sad story of Charlie Gard shows there's no limit to right-wing political vampirism.

Richard Dawkins Event Canceled Over His 'Abusive Speech Against Islam'

By Alison Flood, The Guardian

A defender of Dawkins said the cancellation "hands a precious gift to the political right."

'Sessions Has a VERY Weak Position on Clinton Crimes': Trump Issues New Loyalty Test to Attorney General

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

Trump sharpened his attack against Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday in a series of tweets.

The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis Is Basically Being Blacked Out by Western Media

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

The United States is fueling a conflict that has resulted in war crimes and famine.

What Trump Owes America's Christian Fascists

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig

If the alliance between these zealots and our current administration succeeds, it will snuff out the last vestiges of American democracy.

ATM Robbers Wear Trump Masks in Bank Heist

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

On the outskirts of Turin, Italy, the two brothers reportedly stole more than $115,000 from ATMs.

9 Plagues That Could Destroy Everything We Love About Life on Earth

By Robin Scher, AlterNet

It could be game over for humanity, much sooner than we think.

How the Food and Drug Companies Ensure That We Get Sick and They Make Money

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

Even the non-profit watchdogs are on Big Pharma's payroll.

It’s (Loan) Shark Week: Families are Biting Back!

By Jessica Juarez Scruggs,

From payday loan sharks to Wall Street bottom-feeders, financial predators of all shapes and sizes are

Here Are 5 of Trump's Most Buffoonish GOP Defenders

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

These guys seem willing to swallow any scandal.

The Shameful History Behind the School Vouchers Movement

By Randi Weingarten, The Huffington Post

The movement to privatize public education was started by white politicians who resisted school integration.

Checkpoint, U.S.A.: Crossing the Border Into Trump's America

By Jonathan Meador, Salon

A bizarre encounter with an angry, paranoid border agent gives us a taste of what we missed living abroad.

Israel's Ever More Sadistic Reprisals Help Shore up a Sense of Victimhood

By Jonathan Cook, AlterNet

The government hurts families whose only crime is being related to someone Israel defines as a terrorist.

Can Cannabis Actually Kill Cancer Cells in the Brain?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast

Mounting evidence shows that marijuana represents "a new class of anticancer drugs."

Monday, July 24, 2017

Jared Kushner Is Giving Himself Ample Room to Lie to Congress

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

In danger of indictment and losing his security clearance, Trump’s son-in-law serves up the "modified limited hangout."

Richard Dawkins Event Canceled Over His 'Abusive Speech Against Islam'

By Alison Flood, The Guardian

A defender of Dawkins said the cancellation "hands a precious gift to the political right."

Paul Krugman Warns Americans: Don't Let Russia Distract Us When Health Care for Millions Is at Risk

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

"Don't let the bad guys in the Senate do terrible things because you weren't paying attention."

Republicans Are Showing Every Intention of Protecting Their President From Historic Scandals

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

The president can complain that Republicans don't have his back. But the GOP's inactivity shows they actually do.

Trump Is Obsessed With His Twitter Following—Too Bad Most of His Followers Are Fake

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

Ever obsessed with popularity, the president loves to brag about his "millions of followers."

Legal Experts Seriously Doubt Trump Could Absolve Himself in Russia Inquiry

By Tom McCarthy, The Guardian

Under pressure over a deepening scandal, Trump says he has "the complete power to pardon," but analysts suggest this is not the case.

Trump's In-Your-Face Impeachable Offense

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News

The president has a constitutional duty to faithfully execute the Affordable Care Act.

Jared Kushner Reveals How Russians May Have Attempted to Blackmail Trump Days Before Election

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

He released a statement just hours before a closed door meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Why We Can Safely Expect Many More Idiot Celebrities to Run for Office Now That Trump Has Shown the Way

By Max Cea, Salon

Why are so many celebrities flirting with running for office?

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Humans' Ancient Relationship With Dogs

By April M. Short, AlterNet

Here are three key scientific theories about dog-human co-evolution.

Now Even the Vatican Is Calling Out the Political Wing of the American Christian Right

By Patricia Miller , Religion Dispatches

An article written by two allies of Pope Francis is taking on the “spurious alliance between politics and religious fundamentalism."

Picture a Leader with No F*cking Brains’: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Unloads on Trump at Chicago Concert

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

Waters left no room for misinterpretation: "Trump is a pig."

Republicans in Idaho Want to Send an Anti-Vaxxer to Congress?

By Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch

He is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’ program.

How the School Privatization Agenda Turns Public School Parents into Feeling Like They Are Criminals

By Jeff Bryant, Blog for Our Future

How parents who send their kids to free public schools became the latest in a long list of "takers"

WATCH: Al Franken Laughs at Scaramucci's 'Bizarre' Decision to Rely on Trump's Claim That Russians Didn't Hack Election

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“I thought when he brought it up, I thought it was a disinterested intelligence expert,” a laughing Franken said.

What Will America Look Like in 2050? Any Worse Than Now?

By John Feffer, TomDispatch

The monster continued to be fed, while the thermometers, floods, droughts, wild fires, sea levels, tides of refugees, and all the rest continued their inexorable rise.

What Is Actor Seth Rogen's Beef with Marijuana Edibles?

By Julien Perry, The Fresh Toast

A single weed gummy ruined a whole movie for him.

Teaching People to Hate Snakes Is a Disaster for Ecology

By Melissa Amarello, AlterNet

Our negative attitude toward snakes is their biggest hurdle.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

ALEC's Scary Plan For Electing Your Senators

By David Daley, AlterNet

The radical right is intent on destroying democracy as we know it.

Pardon-Palooza: Trump Could Wreak Havoc by Abusing the Presidential Pardon

By Cody Cain, Salon

No one knows if the president can pardon himself. But he can damn sure pardon everybody else and let them walk away.

CNN Host Comes Down Hard on New White House Communications Director for Denying Russian Hacking

By David Edwards, Raw Story

“Don’t you owe a duty to the truth?” Jake Tapper asks Anthony Scaramucci.

‘Simpsons’ Creator: I Was Told to Lay Off Fox News after We Called It ‘No. 1 with Racists’

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

Don't expect the show to cave to pressure from Fox anytime soon.

Democrats Are Still Chasing Rural White Voters, and It’s a Strategy Doomed to Fail

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Instead of chasing down white voters who are committed to culture war, Democrats need to energize their base.

Officials Apologize for Fining 5-Year-Old $195 for Selling Lemonade at Stand

By Bob Brigham, Raw Story

A kid selling lemonade wasn’t exactly a "public safety hazard."

The Week in Patriarchy: Trump Clearly Doesn't Understand Health Insurance

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

If you don’t realize by now that a total clown is in charge, no interview is going to change that.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Our Disastrous President

By Karin Kamp,

"We are in the midst of a cultural revolution and our children are our soldiers."

The Public Option in Health Care—Doomed From the Start

By RoseAnn DeMoro, AlterNet

Some say public option is the path toward an improved and expanded Medicare for all. It's not.

Why the Idea the Pentagon Can Fire Its Missiles with Precision Is Pure Propaganda

By Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch

In the 15-plus years since 9/11, parts of an expanding swathe of the planet were catastrophically unsettled.

Hightower: Does Anyone Really Think Corporate Profiteers Are Going to Educate Our Children Well?

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

How Betsy DeVos, the Koch Brojers, and Donald Trump are selling our schools to the highest bidder.

‘We’ve Got the White House on Speed Dial’: Here’s How Evangelical Christians Are Influencing Trump

By Conor Gaffey, Newsweek

A photo emerged last week of a meeting between over 20 evangelical leaders and Trump.

Why Cannabis Can Help Even with Difficult Diseases Like Parkinson's

By Nishi Whiteley, Project CBD

The endocannabinoid system and digestive imbalance play major roles in Parkinson's disease. Research has demonstrated that cannabis medicine may help.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The One Word Guaranteed to Make the Corporate Pundit Class Squirm

By Sam Kriss, AlterNet

"Neoliberalism" isn't a left-wing insult but a monstrous political system of inequality.

5 Reasons Why Extraordinary Presidential Powers Make It Very Difficult to Nail Trump, His Family or His Team

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Pardon power and absolute lack of morals make for a toxic, lawless cocktail.

On the 50th Anniversary of the Deadly Detroit Rebellion, There Is Celebration, Controversy and Continued White Supremacy

By Frank Joyce, AlterNet

People are taking a closer look at the 1967 Detroit riot and the devastating white power schemes that followed.

Trump Accused Former FBI Director Comey of 'Crimes' via Twitter

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

He tweeted furiously 10 times in two hours on subjects from Hillary Clinton to Obamacare.

The Week in Patriarchy: Trump Clearly Doesn't Understand Health Insurance

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

If you don’t realize by now that a total clown is in charge, no interview is going to change that.

The Public Option in Health Care—Doomed From the Start

By RoseAnn DeMoro, AlterNet

Some say public option is the path toward an improved and expanded Medicare for all. It's not.

Pass the Salt: The Myth of the Low-Salt Diet

By Michael Bader, AlterNet

Go ahead, eat that pickle!

The Therapeutic Value of Virtual Reality

By Valerie Vande Panne, AlterNet

Move over, psychedelics; VR is coming to a clinic near you.

How Trump Signed a Global Death Warrant for Women

By Sarah Boseley, The Guardian

With one devastating flourish of the presidential pen, worldwide progress on family planning, population growth and reproductive rights was swept away. Now some of the world’s poorest women must count the cost.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Actions Meet a Standard for Treason

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

There are 12 words on the record that make the treason case against Donald Trump Jr.

These Top Prosecutors Are Threatening Legal Action Against Betsy DeVos

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

The education secretary has drawn a firestorm of criticism for choosing to hear from men's rights groups about sexual assault on college campuses.

'There's a Game of Thrones Quality to This White House': Chris Wallace Stunned by This Week's Frantic Activity

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Different factions of the right vie for influence over Trump.

As Trump Touts 'Made in America' Week, Indonesian Workers Toil Away Making Ivanka Trump Apparel

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

The Indonesian factory has been accused of labor violations, including poverty wages.

15 Key Takeaways From the NEA’s New Policy on Holding Charter Schools Accountable

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The NEA draws a firm line against non-local, corporate-run education franchises.

The Demolition of U.S. Global Power

By Alfred McCoy, TomDispatch

Donald Trump’s road to debacle in the greater Middle East.

'You Treat Me Like a Baby,' Whines an Infantile Donald Trump Before Firing Manafort

By News Corpse, DailyKos

Journalist Joshua Green's account of the Trump campaign is just as insane as you think.

Making Student Homelessness a Visible Issue

By Rachel M. Cohen , The American Prospect

Large numbers of homeless children may never have access to services they are entitled to.

Yes, a Monkey Should Absolutely Be the Copyright Owner of His Selfie (Video)

By Jeffrey S. Kerr, Esq., AlterNet

Granting Naruto the right to his own selfie is the ethical thing to do.

Houston Police End Use of Drug Tests That Helped Produce Wrongful Convictions

By Ryan Gabrielson, ProPublica

The cheap kits were often the sole evidence used to win guilty pleas, against the innocent as well the as guilty.