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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Watch: America's Mobster President—New Evidence in Dutch Documentary of Trump's International Money Laundering Circles

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The follow-the-money film reveals connections between Trump associates and an alleged multibillion-dollar fraud.

How the Gig Economy Has Created Permanent Low-Wage Nomads

By Jessica Bruder, W. W. Norton & Company

Journalist Jessica Bruder documents the lives of workers who are houseless, but not homeless.

Was Facebook Fooled by the Russians, or Did It Know All Along?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Facebook's role in influencing the 2016 election is only now being understood.

Jared Kushner Registered to Vote As a Woman

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

What is it with this dude and filling out forms?

Donald Trump Is Crudely Mocking Mitch McConnell and John McCain Behind Their Backs

By Dan Engelke, AlterNet

The president is reportedly lashing out after the defeat of Graham-Cassidy.

How Many More '500-Year Storms' Will People Endure Before They Start Abandoning Coastal Cities?

By Reynard Loki, AlterNet

For homeowners in flood zones, one big question looms: Rebuild or retreat?

Why We're on Track to War With China by 2030

By Alfred McCoy, TomDispatch

The Pentagon is coming to terms with “the jarring realization that we can lose.”

Watch the Smile Melt Right Off of Kellyanne Conway's Face as She's Read One of Trump's NFL Tweets

By David Edwards, Raw Story

The former campaign spokeswoman briefly broke character on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

Harvard Psychiatrist: Trump's Sociopathy Is a Threat to the Planet

By Dr. Lance Dodes, Newsweek

We've had narcissistic presidents before, but never one this divorced from reality.

Fox News Welcomes Back Bill O'Reilly on 'Hannity' in a Shameless Grab for Ratings

By Pam Vogel, Media Matters

Sexual assault is nothing comparing to protecting the boys' club.

Trump Quietly Deletes Tweets in Support of Luther Strange After 'Embarrassing' Defeat to Roy Moore

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The president had campaigned heavily for the interim Alabama senator.

Robert Reich: We Can't Abolish the Electoral College, but We Can Make It Irrelevant

By Robert Reich,

A new interstate compact would guarantee the U.S. never elects another Bush or Trump.

The Trump Administration Is Making the Puerto Rico Tragedy Exponentially Worse

By Angelo Young, Salon

Countless communities have been left stranded, seven days after Maria ravaged the island.

Can Congress Stop Trump from Firing Mueller?

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

The late Justice Scalia would say no and the Supreme Court just might agree, says one legal scholar.

White NFL Players Need to Take a Knee in Solidarity With Their Black Teammates

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

Tom Brady, you need to get down on one knee.

More Arrests for Marijuana Than for Violent Crime Last Year

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

The mass arrests are at odds with public opinion that supports ending the drug war.

Trump Threatens to 'Make a Deal' with Democrats During Speech to GOP Mega-Donors

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

The president is desperate for a win after the defeat of Graham-Cassidy.

Seth Meyers Slams Trump for Ignoring Puerto Rico for Almost an Entire Week

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The president couldn't be bothered to address the humanitarian crisis.

Roy Moore Defeats Trump's Pick Luther Strange in Alabama GOP Primary—Steve Bannon Rejoices

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

The president's extreme backers flexed their muscles and torpedoed his candidate.

Why Police Violence Against Women of Color Stays Hidden

By Zenobia Jeffries, YES! Magazine

Data show more black men are killed at higher rates than women, but police-misconduct attorney Andrea Ritchie says that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Stop Letting Trump Co-Opt Colin Kaepernick's Protest

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

Trump wants a culture war on his terms. While his base is paying attention, force the conversation they’ve avoided.

Trump Warned: Send Help or Risk Making Puerto Rico Crisis 'Your Katrina'

By Ed Pilkington, David Smith, The Guardian

Trump tweets about island’s "massive debt" despite growing crisis.

Dark Secrets Behind Big Pharma's Renewed Push of Estrogen Supplement

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet

HRT is unhealthy for humans and cruel to the animals abused in its production.

Mark Godsey Is an American Superhero: He Gets Innocent People out of Prison

By Bob Cesca, Salon

Onetime “prosecutor’s prosecutor” on his conversion experience, and how he became a crusader for the voiceless.

Guess What? Many Ladies Love Porn: 10 Interesting Facts About Women's Porn Habits

By Anna Pulley, AlterNet

What do we actually know about the roles, consumption and viewing habits of women? Turns out, a lot.

Milo Yiannopoulos' Security Cost UC Berkeley $800,000

By Al Jazeera Staff, Al Jazeera

The University somehow found the money money despite large budget cuts and faculty layoffs.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

8 Nauseating Revelations from Trump's Newly Uncovered Interviews with Howard Stern

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Nothing has changed. He was a pig then, and he's a pig now.

6 Times Bernie Sanders Stole the Show During the Graham-Cassidy Debate

By Dan Engelke, AlterNet

The Vermont senator proved yet again why he's the most popular politician in the country.

Donald Jr. and Ivanka Reportedly Tried to Bump Tiffany Trump Out of the Will

By Christianna Silva, Newsweek

Like father, like son (and daughter).

Sean Hannity Is Practically Daring Fox News Executives to Fire Him at This Point

By Matt Gertz, Media Matters

Could inviting Bill O'Reilly onto his show be the last straw?

The Long Shadow of Trump Trauma: How It Is Threatening Our Interpersonal Relationships

By Terry Real, Psychotherapy Networker

Couples in the age of Trump.

Trump's Political 'Genius' Exposed: It's Just Shameless Racism

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Trump has sometimes appeared to be an idiot savant with brilliant political instincts. This time, not so much.

Seth Meyers Blitzes Trump for His 'Unhinged' NFL Rants

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The late-night host echoes the words of Buffalo Bills running back Lesean McCoy.

Infiltrator Goes Inside the Alt-Right, and What He Finds Is Disturbing

By Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera

How a gay anti-fascist activist went under cover to infiltrate a group of white supremacists.

George Clooney Lights Up Trump in Spectacular NSFW Rant

By Gabriel Bell , Salon

Brace yourself for some four-letter action.

6 Times National Anthem Protests Rocked America

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Long before Trump, multicultural variations on the "Star-Spangled Banner" provoked white backlash.

More Arrests for Marijuana Than for Violent Crime Last Year

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

The mass arrests are at odds with public opinion that supports ending the drug war.

Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions During Dinner with Conservative Leaders

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

He's still really angry about the Russia investigation.

Why Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Are Too Hard on Anti-Vietnam War Protesters

By Jim Sleeper, AlterNet

Caricatures of resistance are destructive to our democracy.

There Are Too Many Opioid Overdoses to Autopsy All the Bodies

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The massive increase in drug deaths has overburdened an industry.

'Son of a Bitch': Trump's Outburst Fits a Larger Pattern

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Trump’s Alabama tirade may have backfired for now, but don’t forget it’s exactly what his followers want to hear.

Puerto Rico Children's Hospital Is Running Out of Food, and the Trump Administration Is Nowhere in Sight

By FishOutofWater a.k.a. George Birchard, DailyKos

The most vulnerable patients have been moved to safety, but they may have to evacuate soon.

Another Famous Activist Also Took a Knee, 50 Years Before Kaepernick—and He Too Was Called ‘Disruptive’ and an ‘Agitator’

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

Martin Luther King Jr. knelt to protest the treatment of African Americans several times throughout the 1960s.

Trump Fixates on NFL Protests—While Ignoring the Disaster in Puerto Rico

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

The president spent the entire weekend focused on NFL, with no mention of the critical emergency in Puerto Rico.

Harvard Shames Itself by Staging a Koch-Sponsored Betsy DeVos Lovefest

By Diane Ravitch, Diane Ravitch's Blog

No dissenting voices allowed.

Marijuana Legalization Isn't Causing More Pot Use, But Vice Versa

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

Changing attitudes toward pot are driving both legalization and use rates.

5 Pointed Responses from Players and Coaches to Trump's Racist Jeremiad Against Black Athletes

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

The San Antonio Spurs' Gregg Popovich calls the U.S. an "embarrassment to the world."

Disabled Activists Arrested and Dragged by Wheelchairs While Protesting Obamacare Repeal

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Disability rights protesters have been at the front lines of anti-repeal demonstrations.

'Medicare for All' Could Be Cheaper Than You Think

By Gerald Friedman, The Conversation

Bernie Sanders' single-payer health care plan is bound to be expensive and politically challenging. For this critic, a simple expansion of Medicare offers a cheaper and more pragmatic path to universal care.

Beyond Harvey and Irma: Militarizing Homeland Security in the Climate-Change Era

By Michael Klare, TomDispatch

It's time for the Pentagon to speak out against global warming; our national security is at stake.

What's the Best Natural Sexual Lubricant? You Might Be Surprised

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

Using the right lube is key.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another Famous Activist Also Took a Knee, 50 Years Before Kaepernick—and He Too Was Called ‘Disruptive’ and an ‘Agitator’

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

Martin Luther King Jr. knelt to protest the treatment of African Americans several times throughout the 1960s.

5 Pointed Responses from Players and Coaches to Trump's Racist Jeremiad Against Black Athletes

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

The San Antonio Spurs' Gregg Popovich calls the U.S. an "embarrassment to the world."

Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Choking on Decades of Lies

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

The GOP may control the federal government, but Americans are finally catching on.

Robert Reich: There's Only One Cure for America's Economic Ills

By Robert Reich,

Corporations don't deserve a tax cut. On the contrary, they should pay exponentially more.

Important Lessons From George Orwell and Winston Churchill for Resisting Authoritarian Rule in Trump's America

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Thomas Ricks' book is the latest offering history's lessons in our dangerous time.

Hillary Clinton Was Dead Right About White Women—and Their Husbands

By Lucia Graves, The Guardian

New research sheds disturbing light on the voting habits of the American public.

When Trump Admitted in Public He Could Have a 'Psychological Problem'

By Nina Burleigh, Newsweek

Leaked interview transcripts offer fresh insight into the president's twisted psyche.

Psychotherapists' Open Letter on How Donald Trump and His Supporters Are Wreaking Trauma on Americans

By Eileen M. Russell, PhD, Mary Androff, MD, Judy Silvan, LICSW, Elizabeth Zoob, LICSW, Patricia Geller, Ed.D, Kathy Offner, MA, LMHC, AlterNet

These therapists believe silence is complicity.

How ISIS Wives Helped Their Husbands Rape Yazidi Sex Slaves

By Rania Khalek, AlterNet

“He told me you are a Yazidi, either we will kill you or you will convert to Islam. I said, please kill me, don’t rape me, I love my husband. He said it’s not your decision."

The 25 Best TV Shows This Decade

By Charlie May, Salon

From "American Crime Story" to "Game of Thrones," boob tubers have never had it better.

The 5 Most Laughable Celebrity Guests Invited on Fox News to Comment Seriously on Politics

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

Just what exactly qualifies Fabio to discuss state government policy?

What's It Like When Betsy DeVos Drops By Your School? These Students Can Tell You

By Students of Kansas City Academy, AlterNet

Students at Kansas City Academy share their candid assessments of the controversial Secretary of Education.

North Carolina Man Who Punched 12-Year-Old's Teeth Out and Called Him the N-Word Claims Self-Defense

By , Rare

The victim's mother wants to know why her son's assailant wasn't arrested.

To Many, America’s Racial Wealth Gap Remains Invisible

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Economic progress has been agonizingly slow for black Americans—but many whites don’t see it that way.

A Gaslighter’s Favorite Trick: Fluid Hard-Lining

By Jeremy Sherman, AlterNet

Black, white and gray all over; they're right and you're always wrong.

A Marijuana Drive-Through Could Be Coming to a Corner Near You

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

If you live in Maine, that is.

India’s Supreme Court Puts Liberty and Freedom First

By Teesta Setalvad, AlterNet

The court reverses a judicial blow to basic freedoms and liberty.

Anti-Abortion Violence and Harassment Was Already Bad. Right-Wing Media Are Making It Worse

By Julie Tulbert, Media Matters for America

Right-wing and anti-abortion media regularly serve as an agitator for harassment.

The Ultimate Anti-Competitive Mergers

By David Dayen, The American Prospect

“Fintech” is promoted as great for consumers. Mainly it’s about more market power.

How Online Data Is Putting Endangered Species Around the Globe Even More at Risk

By Adam Welz, Yale Environment 360

Poachers use smartphones to pinpoint the locations of endangered species.

50 Ways to Boost Your Sperm Count

By Sean Russell, Menprovement

Want the best sperm in the world? Then try all 50.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

How ISIS Wives Helped Their Husbands Rape Yazidi Sex Slaves

By Rania Khalek, AlterNet

“He told me you are a Yazidi, either we will kill you or you will convert to Islam. I said, please kill me, don’t rape me, I love my husband. He said it’s not your decision."

A Marijuana Drive-Through Could Be Coming to a Corner Near You

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

If you live in Maine, that is.

What Happened When I Tried to Have a Civilized Conversation with Fox News Fans

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

A Trump critic's revealing appearance on Tucker Carlson.

America Takes a Knee, as Pro Sports Pushes Back Hard Against Trump Slander

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

President Trump ups the ante with NFL and athletes.

NFL Players Kneel During National Anthem At Ravens and Jaguars Games In Protest of Trump and Racism

By Joe Difazio, International Business Times

Trump has called for his fans to boycott the NFL.

Advice for Trump’s Speechwriters: Quit

By Rachel Leah, Salon

Former Obama speechwriter David Litt says the president is a "moral monster."

'You Know What Else Is Disrespectful to Our Flag? Racism’—Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Slams Trump

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

The NBA coach blasts Trump over his anthem tantrum.

Senator Susan Collins: Difficult to Envision Yes Vote on Cassidy-Graham Bill

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

Cassidy-Graham looks like the latest ACA repeal-and-replace defeat.

Billie Jean King and the Tennis Classic 'Battle of the Sexes,' Now a Movie, Is Just as Relevant Today

By Max Cea, Salon

In “Battle of the Sexes” Emma Stone and Steve Carell serve up a resonant take on enduring American sexism.

Colin Kaepernick’s Mother Tweets a Clever Response to Trump: ‘Guess that Makes Me a Proud B*tch!’

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

She went on to scorch Pres. Trump for attacking Americans’ right to free speech

Stephen Curry Says It Should Be ‘Beneath’ the President to Attack Athletes—as DC Mayor Invites Warriors to Town

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

The office of the presidency should not pick personal fights with athletes, says Curry.

These Are 3 of the Most Dangerous Opponents of Universal Healthcare

By Adam Johnson, Los Angeles Times

An estimated 45,000 people dying a year because of a lack of healthcare and sick people have GoFundMe pages.

Failing Dam in Puerto Rico, Endangering 70,000, a Reminder that Climate Denialism Kills

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment

President Trump, notoriously, tweeted that climate change is a Chinese hoax.

NBA Union Head Chris Paul Challenges Trump’s Manhood in Twitter Blast Over Black Athlete Attacks

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

Paul was not the only player to land a major hit on Trump.

Should Political Comedy Have to Pass a Jimmy Kimmel Test?

By Sam Kriss, AlterNet

By lionizing their late-night hosts, progressives are setting themselves up for disappointment.

It's Nearly Impossible for Victims of Police Brutality to Get Justice

By Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthdig

With every life taken, law enforcement is exposed for being the source of violence rather than its remedy.

Orgasm Addicts, Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Red Hot

By Isabel Losada, The Guardian

You don’t need to be whipped, tied up or pant athletically towards climax to have a very good time in bed.

Is North Korea Peddling Dope to Get Around Sanctions?

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

It certainly looks that way. And that calls into question what impact the economic embargo will have.

On Schizophrenia: Father and Son Discuss Battling Mental Illness

By Patrick Cockburn, Henry Cockburn, CounterPunch

Henry Cockburn fought his way back to reality, with a little help from art.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hightower: How Populists and Progressives Won Over a Right-Wing Town in Colorado

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

A citizen uprising in Colorado Springs has moved mountains.

The Fertility Rate in Flint Has Plummeted After the Water Crisis

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The area has seen a dramatic rise in miscarriages and stillbirths.

Paul Manafort May Hold the Key: Who Was He Really Working For?

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Trump’s shady former campaign chair is central to the Russia probe — and he shaped the administration more than we knew.

Why California Is Bernie Sanders' and Progressives' Big Battleground for Universal Health Care

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

In San Francisco, Sanders pushes Medicare-for-all and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom revives statewide single-payer push.

Kim Jong-un, the NFL and 'Screaming at Senators': Trump's Strange Night in Alabama

By Ben Jacobs, The Guardian

Trump heads to Alabama to rally support for incumbent senator Luther Strange.

Failing Dam in Puerto Rico, Endangering 70,000, a Reminder that Climate Denialism Kills

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment

President Trump, notoriously, tweeted that climate change is a Chinese hoax.

NFL Commissioner Rejects Trump's Kaepernick Slurs as 'Divisive' and 'Disrespectful’

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

“The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture,” he said.

Bill Moyers: Trump Can't Stop the World From Waking up to the Climate Disaster That We Face

By Bill Moyers,

The renowned psychiatrist and historian makes a case for hope for humanity's grasp of the dangers of climate change.

Washington's Warmongers Are Warming Up to Trump

By Ben Norton, AlterNet

Trump has traded his alt-right pals for some of the most dangerous neocons in Washington.

The 7 Worst States In The Union To Get Caught With Cannabis

By Mary Schumacher, The Fresh Toast

Which “dry” states have the most severe penalties for getting caught with the herb?

Why Republicans Don't Get Challenged Enough for Making Weak Arguments

By Rachel Leah, Salon

Rhetoric expert Jay Heinrichs breaks down how political party affiliation affects persuasion tactics.

The Donald vs The King

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

Donald, you may be the president, but LeBron is the king.

Americans Who Don't Want War With Iran Must Speak Out Now

By Amy Goodman, Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!

"The last time we had this kind of rhetoric was George W. Bush with the axis of evil."

Inmate Sues Prison for 'Imposing Christian Propaganda'

By Linley Sanders, Newsweek

Shari Webber-Dunn, an inmate serving a murder charge in Kansas, said her First Amendment rights were violated by "Christian propaganda" posted in the prison.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Paul Krugman: The GOP Is Really This Diseased

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

The newest Trumpcare bill tells you everything you need to know about the Republican Party.

Just What Is a ‘Dotard’ Anyway?

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

You'll need a very old Korean-English dictionary to figure out what Kim Jong-un was trying to call Trump on Thursday.

Two Top Republicans to Call for Full JFK Disclosure

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

"The American people are sick and tired of not being given the truth."

Why Are Centrist Democrats Bashing Bernie with Obamacare on the Brink?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The party is already lining up to blame the Vermont senator if Graham-Cassidy passes.

When Stealing a $2 Can of Beer Yields $1,000 of Debt

By Ebony Slaughter-Johnson, AlterNet

There are some exciting bail reforms in some states, but the overall bail system in the U.S. keeps 450,000 in jail on any day, for lack of funds.

Why Won't American Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?

By Justin Podur, AlterNet

A right-wing insurgency, with the United States' backing, threatens a fragile democracy.

Right-Wing 'Free Speech Week' at Berkeley Goes Down in Spectacular Flames

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Would-be participants are pointing fingers in all directions.

We're at the End of White Christian America—What Will That Mean?

By Jason Wilson, The Guardian

The political implications could be profound.

Rachel Maddow Traces the Russia Collusion Scandal Back to the Republican National Convention

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

Why did Trump change the party's position on Ukraine?

Jimmy Kimmel Is Convinced Trump Doesn't Have the Faintest Idea What's in the Latest Trumpcare Bill

By Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

The late-night host's third Graham-Cassidy monologue may be his best yet.

White House Staffers Are Miserable, and Could Flee the Trump Administration En Masse: Report

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

One Republican lobbyist predicts an exodus as soon as January.

Did Steve Bannon Write Trump's Warmongering U.N. Speech?

By Jason Le Miere, Newsweek

Sebastian Gorka insists the former White House adviser still has the president's ear.

More Than 1,600 Women Murdered by Men in One Year: Study

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The most common weapon used was a gun.

Henry Giroux: Donald Trump Is Addicted to Violence

By Henry Giroux,

The president genuinely believes it's the only viable political response to social ills.

Furious Trump Lashes Out at Kim Jong-un in Early Morning Twitter Screed

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

The president also took aim at Facebook and Hillary Clinton.

Stephen Miller, Captain Odious: The Last Major Alt-Right Figure in Trump's White House

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are gone. Miller is more pernicious, more loyal and more effective than either.

When Will Our Govt Stop Ignoring That Marijuana Is a Major Regulation Success Story?

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet

Polls find greater levels of support among voters today for legalization than ever before.

Manafort Planning to Leave US — as Mueller's Team Prepares to Indict Him in Russia Probe

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

The latest reports say that he's heading east.

'Nizza,' 'Behatch': The Time CNN's Jake Tapper Casually Mocked Black Culture for Cheap Laughs

By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

Tapper's longtime editor expressed shock at his "unfunny and racist" gangsta rap parody.

How Steve Bannon Is the Ultimate 'Cafeteria Catholic'

By Patricia Miller, Religion Dispatches

Bannon is a master of pick-and-choose Catholicism that conservatives usually decry.

What Is Erotic Ecology and Can It Help Save the Planet?

By Andreas Weber, Chelsea Green Publishing

For philosopher Albert Camus, it's about moderation—and awareness of one's own aliveness.

Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

By Keri Lee Merritt,

America is in desperate need of both a universal basic income and a federal jobs guarantee.

Masters of War: Senate Defense Budget Set to Exceed One Third of Global Military Spending

By Ben Dangl, Toward Freedom

The Senate passed a $700 billion defense policy bill on Monday, exceeding what even Trump requested.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ken Burns' New Vietnam War Series Teaches a Flawed, Misleading Lesson

By Jerry Lembcke, Public Books

The new film distorts what scholars, veterans and antiwar activists alike know about the war and its aftermath.

Ivanka Trump's Latest Admission Proves She's Just as Shameless as Her Father

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

A new interview with Dr. Oz reveals the rotten apple has not fallen far from the tree.

Dear John McCain: Your Health Care Vote Could Kill More Americans Than the Vietnam War

By Rick Gell, AlterNet

The Graham-Cassidy bill could determine the Arizona senator's legacy.

Why Did Valerie Plame Tweet an Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory?

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon

The former CIA official apologizes after boosting a story calling Jews warmongers.

Disgraced Google Employee James Damore Is Just Asking Questions About the KKK

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

The right's newest martyr sparks outrage with a grotesque Twitter poll.

Senate Republicans Aren't Just Aiming to Destroy Obamacare and Medicaid; They Want to Provide a Death Blow to Any Future Health Care Reform

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Senator Lindsey Graham says, "Hell no to Berniecare" as his bill takes aim.

Georgia Tech Student's Death Is Part of a Pattern of Recent Police Violence on College Campuses

By Celisa Calacal, AlterNet

Campus police forces are less transparent than municipal agencies, but they can be just as dangerous.

Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade in Masterful New Health Care Monologue

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

“He calls my agent looking for projects. He’s dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite."

Democrats' Unsolvable Media Problem

By Paul Waldman, The American Prospect

Liberals are still all but helpless in the face of right-wing lies that mutate and evolve.

Jane Goodall: Trump Is Just Like an Aggressive Chimp

By Tufayel Ahmed, Newsweek

Could his "swaggering" be his downfall?

Sickening Video Captures ICE Agents Harassing U.S. Citizens

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

The local chapter of the ACLU calls the incident a "clear case of racial profiling."

Seth Meyers Calls Out ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman,’ Republican Dana Rohrabacher

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Wait until you hear his touch football story.

Congress’ Gargantuan New Military Spending Bill Forks Over Unprecedented Sums to Israel and Ukraine

By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

Hundreds of millions for Israeli missiles and Ukrainian troops’ medical care, at U.S. taxpayers’ expense.

I'm a Gay Man on PrEP: We Need to Have Mature Conversations About HIV and Sexual Health

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

Too many people aren't receiving the education and health care they deserve.

America Can't Quit Its Afghan War Addiction

By Ann Jones, TomDispatch

It's costing lives, not to mention billions in badly needed funds.

Breitbart Logic: To Support the Trump Agenda, You Have to Oppose Trump

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Steve Bannon tells the true believers when not to believe the president.

Sean Spicer Has Numerous Notebooks on Trump, and He Could Turn Them Over to Robert Mueller

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

The former White House press secretary reportedly "documented everything."

Trump Just Proved, Yet Again, He's Got No Problem With Violence Against Women

By Nancy Levine, AlterNet

The unfunny jokes  and offensive tweets have dire consequences for women.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Takes Science Deniers to the Woodshed: 'Fringe Information Is Unraveling Our Democracy'

By David Edwards, Raw Story

The astrophysicist fears for America's future as a leader of the free world.

South Dakota Republican Posts Meme Supporting Running Over Protesters

By Charlie May, Salon

S.D. Rep. Lynne DiSanto posted a meme of protesters being run over, saying it’s “a movement we can all support."

Coca-Cola Sucks Wells Dry in Chiapas, Forcing Residents to Buy Water

By Martha Pskowski, Truthout

People sometimes walk two hours a day to get water.

Listen: Clinicians Have a 'Duty to Warn' the World About Donald Trump's Mental Health Problems

By Chauncey DeVega, AlterNet

On the Chauncey DeVega Show podcast: ethical questions after hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Natalie Portman's New Documentary About Farmed Animals Gets Standing Ovation at Telluride (Video)

By Joe Loria, AlterNet

Portman gave up meat, dairy and eggs after reading the bestseller on which the film was based.