Americans Who Think Benghazi is Worse Scandal Ever Can't Even Find it on a Map

Hint: It's not in Liberia.

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Kalli Joy Gray pointed out yesterday on Wonkette that despite all the non-stop noise about Benghazi, the raid that killed the U.S. Ambassador and three others, and the subsequent confusion about the attack,  39% of voters who think it is America’s biggest scandal can't even find the city on a map. Benghazi is, of course, in Libya, as those in the know are aware. But  accorrding to Public Policy Polling, those in the know are not so numerous. “10% think it’s in Egypt, 9% in Iran, 6% in Cuba, 5% in Syria, 4% in Iraq, and 1% each in North Korea and Liberia with 4% just not willing to venture a guess.”

The Poll also found that most Americans were sick of hearing about Benghazi and ready to move on with other things, like passing background checks for guns and immigration reform. But not Republicans, 41% of whom -- compared to 10% of Democrats and 20% of independents -- say Benghazi, wherever it is, is the biggest political scandal in American history.

From Public Policy Polling:

Republicans think by a 74/19 margin than Benghazi is a worse political scandal than Watergate, by a 74/12 margin that it’s worse than Teapot Dome, and by a 70/20 margin that it’s worse than Iran Contra.

Just don’t ask them exactly where it happened.

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