Progressive Photo of the Day: High-Heeled Men Storm the Streets for an End to Sexual Violence

Check out men click-clacking towards change.

Picture of the day: hoards of men teetering down the street in red stiletto pumps.


The photo was snapped in the streets of Toronto during the city's 4th annual "Walk A Mile in Her Shoes" march against domestic violence earlier this fall.
The event was organized by Canada's White Ribbon Campaign to build solidarity among men in the fight to stop violence against women.
The event is part of a broader push to build a "United Gender Movement," one in which men place an active role in "ending sexualized violence."
According to the group's website, the march isn't intended to be an afternoon of blister-inducing retribution for the sexualized violence that women face every day--although I personally can't help feeling a perverse pleasure in seeing some of the grimaces captured as the men tip-toed down the street. Instead, it is an opportunity that "helps men better understand and appreciate women’s experiences, thus changing perspectives, helping improve gender relationships and decreasing the potential for violence." Meanwhile, for the public, "it demonstrates that men are willing and able to be courageous partners with women in making the world a safer place."
Plus, it's an opportunity for some really awesome photos.