Progressive Photo of the Day: Chickens Living in an Old Bug

What better way to recycle an old car and raise chickens at the same time?


Courtesy of Grow Food, Not Lawns--a national movement to encourage suburban families to use their yards for food production--comes this amazing photo of an old Volkswagen repurposed into a chicken coop.
It's unclear where the old bug is parked, but chickens are able to live, thrive and lay eggs in most areas of the continental United States, making them a perfect "gateway" farmyard animal.
Raising chickens, particularly in urban centers, has become more popular in the last decade, particularly as the dangers of factory farming become apparent and the food justice movement takes hold.
Experts usually suggest constructing an inexpensive chicken coop out of wood and wiring, but recycling a rusted old car and converting it into a fowl mansion is even more sustainable. 

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