Michael Moore Took His Broadway Audience to Protest at Trump Tower

The liberal filmmaker loaded theater-goers onto double-decker buses.

Photo Credit: Feinstein

Audiences at Michael Moore's one-man show "The Terms of My Surrender" were greeted with a surprise: a free bus trip to Trump Tower for a protest led by the liberal activist.

The crowd reportedly cheered when Moore offered the invitation during the latter part of his performance.

Rick Miramontez, a spokesperson for Moore's show, told the New York Times that the logistics of the protest were carefully thought-out to avoid Moore's presence appearing like a publicity stunt. “I don’t think it’s at all a thing to sell tickets," he said.

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A long line formed outside the theater as people lined up for the free buses. Actors Mark Ruffalo and Olivia Wilde (the latter is in a Broadway staging of George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984") also joined the protest.

Moore told his audience on the bus, "We are here to perform a citizens' arrest—well, there’s lots of police there, maybe they’ll do it for us."

Check out some awesome photos and video below.

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