Maddow: Newtown Residents Turn to Gun Control Activism in Wake of Tragic Shooting

The newly formed group, Newtown United, traveled to Washington D.C. today as the debate over gun safety continues.

Aside from prayer and therapy, some Newtown residents are turning to activism in the wake of the tragic shooting last Friday. These residents have formed Newtown United, a new advocacy group that headed to Washington D.C. this morning to meet with members of the Brady Campaign, one of  the leading national gun safety organizations. The group's members are mostly newly politicized by the shooting rather than long-time gun safety activists. Their mission: make sure nothing like these ever happens again.

Their trip comes as progressive groups across the country are mounting increasing pressure to reform the nation's gun safety laws. In only the last 24 hours, more than 160,000 people signed a petition created by CREDO aimed at persuading the NRA to stop blocking gun safety legislation. 

Watch Rachel Maddow's coverage of the growing activism:

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