Indivisible LIVE: Marco Rubio Has Yet to Attend a Town Hall This Year

Protests at his office continue.

Photo Credit: Amy Marasco

Terrified to face his constituents, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) woefully defended his absence from town halls in February, citing Indivisible's own tips. But that only gave the group more momentum. Since then, Indivisible Central Florida has commissioned two "Where's Rubio" billboards in Tampa. And just last weekend, the same group of Floridians used a "Little Marco" puppet to fill in for the senator.

"Indivisible Nassau, along with other allies, have been rallying at Senator Rubio's every Tuesday since January 24," Amy Marasco, the  county Indivisible leader, told AlterNet. 

There are approximately 6,000 members total in the northeast group, which is 10 groups strong.

Despite Rubio's failure to appear, the senator's regional director, Ashley Cook, meets with leaders on stage who present their concerns and weekly talking points.

This week, Marasco's team has prepared a letter to Rubio calling on the Florida senator to be the first Republican co-sponsor of the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (S. 26), currently co-sponsored by 21 Democrats. 

"We are wrapping up this weekly event and have honed the focus of the rally on the 18th to the issue of taxes and Russian interference," Marasco added.

Indivisible Nassau, in collaboration with Indivisible Gainesville, is anticipating statewide participation for the Rally at Rubio's on tax day, particularly in light of Sen. Rubio's departure from his current Jacksonville office. 

"We are unsure where he is moving to," said Marasco. "But we have been assured by his regional director, Ashley Cook, that she will continue to meet with us."

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Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.