Someone Did $200,000 Worth of Damage to a 1887 Confederate Statue In Georgia

Officials say the face of the soldier “looked like it was surgically cut.”

Myrtle Hill Confederate statue
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A cemetery in Rome, Georgia is trying to figure out how someone managed to inflict over $200,000 worth of damage on a massive statue commemorating the Confederacy, reports Northwest Georgia News.

According to the report, the memorial, located at the Myrtle Hill Cemetery, was erected in 1887 by “the Women of Rome,” with a soldier standing atop the base added in 1909.

Cemetery officials say the face of the soldier “looked like it was surgically cut,” and that the statue’s hands — which held a rifle — were also removed.

“It’s just super disappointing that somebody would go to that much trouble to get up there, put a ladder up or whatever to reach it,” said Rome City Manager Sammy Rich, with the cemetery manager estimating repairs to the statue in excess of $200,000.

The damage was discovered on Thursday, with city workers summoned to remove the statue while the city decides whether to repair it and how to pay for the repairs if they do.

Police have no suspects at this time.

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Tom Boggioni is a writer in San Diego, Calif.