Donald Trump, who 'fell in love' with Kim Jong-Un, calls Kamala Harris a 'North Korea sympathizer'

Donald Trump, who 'fell in love' with Kim Jong-Un, calls Kamala Harris a 'North Korea sympathizer'
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North Korea fired off another series of missiles on Friday hours after Vice President Kamala Harris visited South Korea and met with its new President Yoon Suk-yeol on Thursday.

During an address at the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th Parallel that separates the communist North and democratic South, Harris accidentally said that North Korea – a hermit state ruled by its brutal dictatorial Premier Kim Jong-Un – has a "very important relationship" with the United States. Right-wing media quickly pounced on the gaffe.

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump attacked Harris for her misstatement in a dark 103-minute speech at a Save America rally in Michigan, accusing her of "incompetence" and designating her as a "sympathizer" of Kim's reclusive government.

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First, Trump claimed that his undeclared 2024 reelection campaign is beating President Joe Biden "by five points or more," and Vice President Kamala Harris – whom he called "the North Korea sympathizer" – by "ten points."

Next, omitting his North Korea record, Trump alleged that Harris "likes North Korea. I think that was one of the worst mistakes of all. Can you imagine, standing on the border over there, North Korea is shooting off missiles as she's speaking, they shot out two missiles, and I got along very good with Kim Jong-Un. That's another one. We got along great with Kim Jong-Un. We didn't have a problem. But he doesn't like these people too much."

Recall that Trump made the same exact error as Harris and that North Korea test-detonated a hydrogen bomb on September 3rd, 2017, less than a year into Trump's autocrat-friendly presidency.

Trump also saluted one of Kim's military leaders, declared that he "fell in love" with Kim following their failed 2018 summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, and threatened to destroy North Korea with nuclear weapons.

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Kim later referred to Trump as a "dotard."

"But think of it," Trump continued. "They're shooting off missiles and she's saying about 'North Korea's our ally and our friend.' And when I heard it I said, 'oh this is just sort of a, she didn't mean that.' Did you see the people in South Korea, what they were doing as they were standing there listening? That would be one of the only times where they should have sent somebody up to talk to her and say, 'listen, you made a big one. We really gotta change this."

Trump then added that "you know, normally if you blow it, I don't wanna have somebody walk up here [and] say, 'sir, could you resay, just rephrase it please? I'd get angry. But you know what? In that one I would be very happy to receive their advice because that's one of the worst I've ever seen. That's one of the worst I've ever seen. I think it's just gross. It's gross incompetence."

Watch below or at this link.

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