'Dwindling human resources': Kremlin propagandists begging for 'professionals' to immigrate to Russia

'Dwindling human resources': Kremlin propagandists begging for 'professionals' to immigrate to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine has not only inflicted considerable misery and destruction in Ukraine — it has also caused economic hardship in Russia, with aggressive economic sanctions being imposed by the Biden Administration and its European allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Moreover, the invasion has had the unintended consequence of expanding NATO; Sweden and Finland, obviously troubled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, applied for NATO membership after many years of staying out of the 73-year-old alliance.

Another consequence of the invasion, according to Daily Beast reporter Julia Davis, is “dwindling human resources” in Russia. As a result, Davis reports in an article published on August 26, pro-Kremlin propagandists are encouraging immigration to the country.

“Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was meant to bring Russia millions of new citizens, as well as the country’s fertile land, flush with mineral and energy resources,” Davis explains. “Instead, the war has caused monumental losses on the battlefield, and the exodus of the best and the brightest from Russia. Now, dwindling human resources are causing the Kremlin and its pliant mouthpieces to brainstorm about replenishing the gaping holes in Russia’s general population, workforce and military.”

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Davis continues, “Appearing on the state TV show ‘Who’s Against?’ on Tuesday, (August 23), Anna Revyakina, deputy chairwoman of the Public Chamber of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic in occupied Ukraine, voiced her ideas about attracting potential immigrants to Russia. She suggested that instead of worrying about the wave of European visa bans on Russians who want to travel abroad, Moscow should do more to attract foreigners to Russia.”

Revyakina told “Who’s Against?’ viewers, “All of us Russians and our government should create maximally attractive conditions for the citizens of other countries to come to us, augmenting our population. We have an enormous territory, a huge country, maybe not even fully developed, 140 million people. Of course, we need more. Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) is concerned about this, with various programs for families with many children.”

Revyakina encouraged Russian speakers living in the Baltics to consider moving to Russia, saying that applicants need to be “loyal, in love with Russia, and speaking the language.”

Revyakina’s call for immigration to Russia is quite a contrast to the notoriously difficult immigration laws in European Union (EU) countries. For U.S. citizens, getting a work permit in an EU country is incredibly difficult and challenging; U.S. citizens who would like to work in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain or France are frequently turned down — even if they have college degrees and can speak the language well.

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But in Russia, Davis notes, an “exodus of young Russian professionals” is problematic and has been “forcing employees to work overtime, during weekends, holidays, or their usual days off, as needed.”

Davis observes, “It’s not the first time Russian state TV has brainstormed ideas to reverse its negative demographic trends by fishing for new immigrants even on the other side of the pond…. The state media’s persuasion playbook usually consists of stoking discontent in other countries, presenting Moscow as a paragon of religious propriety and freedom, and hoping that disgruntled foreigners will flow into Russia’s welcoming arms. Westerners are being lured with the promise of ‘conservative’ values and Russian-speakers who live outside of the Motherland are being told that it’s time to come home to avoid persecution and discrimination by the ‘Russophobic’ West.”

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