Fox News trolled after imploding over a presidential typo

Fox News trolled after imploding over a presidential typo
Image via screengrab.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo dedicated a segment of her Tuesday morning show to making a huge deal over a typo that appeared in a tweet posted by President Joe Biden on Monday.

Bartiromo, a media loyalist to former President Donald Trump, referred to the mistake as "tone-deaf."

Image via @atrupar/Twitter.

Image via @atrupar/Twitter.

The error appears in the left-hand bubble pictured above, where "person" is misspelled as "peson." Its definition also does not fit into the "tone-deaf" narrative, although it is ironic when set against Fox's "fair and balanced" motto:

An instrument in the form of a staff, with balls or crockets, used for weighing before scales were employed.

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The mockery was swift.

"Mario Bartiromo devoted a segment of her show this morning to this. Can you even spot the typo?" Vox's Aaron Rupar quipped.

"Trump’s Twitter feed was an all-you-can-eat buffet of typos but ok. I mean - he misspelled his own wife’s name. He misspelled everything from Marine Core & Air Force Once to covfefe and lasting peach. There were too many typos to even tally, but sure - let’s impeach Biden," wrote user Jo.

"Yes but 1) it's in the graphic, not Biden's tweet 2) the graphic and probably even the tweet were produced by someone other than the President 3) the typo'd word refers to a spring scale, so 4) how is any of that "tone deaf"? Tone deaf is tossing paper towels after a hurricane," joked another.

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Some people never even saw the misprint:

They can't complain about the high gas prices so now we're on to typos that are suppose to be tone deaf. No wonder they were down graded. Btw, I read it as person, didn't even notice the typo.
It literally took me until I read this to find the typo.
Ditto. I read it like 10 times and didn't notice. Wow they're reaching. Trump tweeted out straight stupid for 4 years but now they're suddenly spelling/grammar nazis too instead of just regular nazis. Of course.
Same. I had to check comments, and I’m usually pretty good at spotting typos. How is this typo “tone-deaf,” though?
It's not. They're desperate for something to whine about

Additional reactions are here.

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