'We look forward to getting to know you': PAC that unseated Madison Cawthorn targets Lauren Boebert

'We look forward to getting to know you': PAC that unseated Madison Cawthorn targets Lauren Boebert
United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) (Gage Skidmore from Surprise, Arizona/Wikimedia Commons).
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Many D.C. politicians are—to paraphrase Winston Churchill—riddles wrapped in mysteries inside an enigma. Not so with Lauren Boebert. She’s twaddle wrapped in bacon inside an Arby’s. The congresswoman tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve, along with about 6 pounds of arrogance—apparently garnered from giving birth to offspring in weird, unsanitary places.

If voters in Colorado’s 3rd District, which Boebert somehow represents, still don’t know enough about the freshman congresswoman to reject her then we need to do something drastic, because her sins are legion. (She’s a horrible boss to her embittered employees, for one thing.)

With that in mind, the same rakish rapscallions who just successfully Moskva’d North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s thankfully brief congressional tenure are now taking aim at Boebert’s weak-ass claim to her seat.


The group that posted a viral sexually explicit video of a nude Rep. Madison Cawthorn in bed with another man is now focusing on Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado for its next takedown, Insider has learned.
'I think we're going to go after Lauren Boebert in Colorado in a similar way,' David B. Wheeler, a cofounder of the American Muckrakers PAC, told Insider Wednesday. 'I think we're going to engage in that race pretty quickly.'
The group on Thursday launched fireboebert.com, seeking tips on information, pictures, videos, or documents on Boebert or her associates. The first tweet by @FireBoebert read, 'Hi @RepBoebert - Ask @RepCawthorn about us. We look forwarding to getting to know you.'

I seriously wonder what they could reveal that would be worse than what’s already out there. What could possibly turn off her base at this point? Finding out she once read a book without pictures?

The website sports a bright red-and-orange “FIRE BOEBERT” logo and boasts a reference to Cawthorn’s recent primary loss and Boebert’s upcoming primary. “One fired May 17. The other will be fired on June 28.”

Wheeler says he’s already collected “interesting information” on Boebert, though he admits it’s “certainly not as salacious as some of the Cawthorn stuff.” He told Insider that the information relates to financial matters, though he didn’t provide specifics.

That’s somewhat tantalizing, because Boebert has already found herself in hot water over campaign finance irregularities, having improperly used campaign funds to cover personal rent and utilities. What else might she be hiding?

Be sure to stop by fireboebert.com semi-regularly to find out. And to check out some of the “Bat Shit” messages that Boebert supporters (yes, they really do exist) have been sending the site since its launch.

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