Twitter admonishes House 'Reslugicans' over their 'firehose of crazy' anti-immigration media memo

Twitter admonishes House 'Reslugicans' over their 'firehose of crazy' anti-immigration media memo
United States Representative David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island) speaking at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, April 28th, 2022 (screengrab/@Acyn/Twitter).

One of the Republican Party's sneaky tactics to mislead the American people about President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party's immigration policies was revealed during a United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

Congressman David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island) presented a memo during testimony by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whom GOP lawmakers grilled on Biden's now-challenged decision to rescind Title 42 on May 23rd.

The policy authorizes federal officials to expel or deport immigrants whom they believe to be a risk to public health and was an integral – albeit controversial – part of combating the spread of COVID-19.

The document was first published by The New York Times last week and contains dozens of pages of talking points intended for appearances on right-wing media outlets. It was drafted by Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), an anti-immigration hardliner, and exposed that Republicans are primarily interested in disparaging Biden ahead of the midterms.

The memo explains why Republicans "are not interested in your reference to data" and are making "misleading statements which are inaccurate that you've corrected for them," Cicilline said to Mayorkas.

Cicilline prioritized making sure that the American people understand how dirty the GOP intends on playing.

"It's actually – there's a plan about this. They're not actually interested" in facts "because they have a 60-page memo prepared by the ranking member of this Committee that's reported in the newspaper," Cicilline said of the GOP.

“That’s a memo that 'includes misleading and provocative talking points that seek to portray migrants and refugees as perpetrators of gruesome crimes,'” Cicilline said, quoting the Times.

“It’s a confidential for internal use only document, and it’s prepared so that the Republicans can argue that Democrats are seeking to" – listen to this – 'abolish all immigration enforcement and even encourage illegal immigration,'" Cicilline read.

"So, don't be confused, with all due respect Mr. Secretary, of your ongoing effort to actually put data and information forward to the Committee," Cicilline continued to Mayorkas. "There’s a whole plan about what this hearing is about. And it’s about creating Fox News spots that they can use for politics, and I regret that you have to be part of it. But I am grateful for your presence here today."

Watch below via Acyn:

Reactions by the public on Twitter were harsh.

"Intentional creation by elected representatives of disinformation for the purpose of misleading the people should be a crime. Life is hard enough without having our representatives working to mislead us," one user eloquently opined. "I feel such action is a breach of fiduciary duty and should lead to expulsion."

Likewise, for many, the GOP's identity is inseparable from its dirty tricks.


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