Russian state television furthers its demand 'to destroy everything Ukrainian for good'

Russian state television furthers its demand 'to destroy everything Ukrainian for good'
Russian state media propagandist Sergey Mikheyev advocates for genocide in Ukraine (screengrab/@JuliaDavisNews/Twitter).

Propagandists on Russian state television furthered their encouragement of genocide against Ukraine on Monday by declaring that Ukrainian is not a real language (it is) and that the Ukrainian population is infiltrated with neo-Nazis intent on murdering native Russians (it is not).

These are lies that Russian President Vladimir Putin has fed to the Russian people to justify his illegal invasion of Ukraine, which began 62 days ago and has been an absolute disaster for Russia. The Kremlin's puppets on networks like Russia 1 have therefore been doubling down on their abhorrent rhetoric to maintain the illusion that Russia will somehow achieve its objectives.

Russia's actions thus far in Ukraine – including the rape and mass slaughter of civilians and the deporting of Ukrainian citizens to secret "filtration camps" deep inside Russia – meet the defining characteristics of genocide as outlined by the Geneva Convention.

But that is not the narrative being presented to the Russian populace, whom Putin has largely cut off from legitimate sources of information.

"Everyone, even these Nazis, speaks Russian. Look, they don't speak Ukrainian. This is about Ukraine, the Ukrainian nation. This is about Ukrainian independence. Where is your Ukrainian language? Only [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy is left who's even trying," political scientist Sergey Mikheyev declared.

"Everyone else, even the most anti-Russian neo-Nazis, everyone speaks Russian. Where is your Ukrainian language, that you were so proud of, that you wanted to speak, and were supposedly not allowed to speak? Where is it? It does not exist," Mikheyev continued. "Not the president's advisers or the military, not the nationalists, not the Ukrainian servicemen, no one at all speaks Ukrainian, not even among themselves."

The translated video was posted to Twitter on Monday evening by Julia Davis, The Daily Beast's resident Russia expert and founder of the Russian Media Monitor, which tracks the Kremlin's disinformation.

She noted that "every pundit is aboard Putin's train to destroy everything Ukrainian for good."

Watch below:

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