Apple lobbying against the passing of anti-LGBTQ legislation: report

Apple lobbying against the passing of anti-LGBTQ legislation: report
Image via Wikimedia Commons / Elwood_J_Blues

Apple is quietly lobbying and recruiting other corporations as allies in hopes of pushing back against proposed legislation targeting members of the LGBTQ community.

According to Politico, the tech giant and its CEO Tim Cook are quietly mobilizing its lobbyists to oppose the seemingly discriminatory pieces of legislation in multiple states including Iowa, Texas, and Florida.

In addition to Apple vocalizing its own opposition, its executives are also urging other corporations to publicly denounce the proposed bills. Jay Brown, who works as the senior vice president for the Human Rights Campaign's programs, research and training. “It’s not just states where they have a headquarters,” said Brown. “It’s states where their customers are, which is all across the country. It is significant in terms of staff time and resources.”

Fred Sainz, senior director of corporate communications for the Apple Corporation, briefly weighed in to explain the company' position as he urged leaders of other Fortune 500 companies to join their fight against anti-LGBTQ legislation. “I’m reaching out from Apple because we’re hoping you’ll join us and lend your company’s name to a critical issue,” wrote Sainz.

In an emailed statement obtained by Politico, Sainz wrote, “Apple has joined the effort and will lend its name and logo. I’m reaching out because we are hoping you will too.”

In wake of Apple publicizing its stance on anti-LGBTQ legislation, Republican lawmakers are pushing back. In Iowa, Republicans "have argued that Apple should not continue to receive state subsidies as it opposes legislation banning trans girls from participating in high school sports that match their gender identity."

Speaking to Fox News, State Sen. Zach Nunn (R-Iowa) said, “Apple framed the law as part of a ‘social agenda’ rather than fairness for women’s sports. That becomes a concerning issue when we have a major industry who attempts to come in and force public policy based on an agenda they may have in a boardroom out of state.”

Although Apple is making an effort now, State Sen. Shevrin Jones (D-Fla.), believes corporations initially, “fell asleep at the wheel” when there was an opportunity to push back against Republican-led anti-LGBTQ legislation in Florida. He also revealed that he “never heard from Apple.”

“Right now, we’re in a moment where corporations are being challenged on where they stand and lobby on social issues,” Jones said. “This is a teachable moment for them to realize that the moment these things come out drafting and get filed, they should step up right then and there.”


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