On the 'no-go list': Sidney Powell is the latest Trumpster to be ousted from the former president's inner circle

On the 'no-go list': Sidney Powell is the latest Trumpster to be ousted from the former president's inner circle
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'That's pretty desperate': Sidney Powell forced to make a stunning admission in a response to a lawsuit

Sidney Powell, the "Kraken" lawyer who fiercely backed the former President Donald Trump's frivolous effort to overturn the presidential election, has also been banished from TrumpWorld, a new report reveals.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, multiple individuals close to Trump have explained how the disgraced lawyer has been ousted.

"Sidney is very much on the no-go list," one inside sources told The Daily Beast. "Her problems right now do not need to be the [former] president's problems."

While Powell has been a fierce supporter of Trump publicly, behind closed doors, insiders also revealed things are bit different behind closed doors.

Per the publication:

"According to a source with direct knowledge of the matter, since December, Powell has privately talked about how disappointed she was in Trump because he didn't end up appointing her to a "special" role in his White House where she would have probed "election fraud" conspiracy theories during the final days of his term."

"She sounded pretty broken up about it," this person revealed. "I felt sorry for her."

"Powell being kicked out of TrumpWorld comes as she faces severe scrutiny and the possibility of legal repercussions for her ongoing efforts to help Trump overturn the presidential election without substantial proof of widespread voter fraud. Powell is also facing the possibility of being disbarred. As part of Trump's post election legal team, Powell worked with a number of other conspiracy theory driven lawyers to file countless lawsuits in battleground states across the country. The vast majority of those lawsuits were tossed out of court due to lack of substantial evidence.

On multiple occasions, Powell had been deeply criticized by judges overseeing post-election cases she was involved in.

Although Trump has reportedly severed ties with Powell, there is one guy who is still supporting her: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. On Thursday, September 30, Powell, he said that while he and Powell "have not talked in the last couple weeks," but would still be willing to work with her because he sees her as a "great patriot, person, and lawyer!"


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