Irate United Airlines passenger ejected from plane after berating flight crew and threatening to break someone's neck

Irate United Airlines passenger ejected from plane after berating flight crew and threatening to break someone's neck
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Footage of an unmasked United Airlines passenger's disturbing outburst is now going viral on multiple social media platforms.

The incident, which took place on a flight heading to Los Angeles, Calif., was filmed and posted online by a TikToker named Alexander Clark, who was also onboard the flight. The video clip shows the unidentified passenger screaming at the flight attendants after being asked to keep his mask on and hang up his cell phone.

At that point, he completely removed his mask and said, "Take me off, I don't even want to go to California."

In the video, the irate passenger also threatened to uncover personal information about the airline staff on the flight. "I will find your name, date of birth, and address. I'll know your social security number before I get off this flight," he said, according to Travel Noire, as he began pushing the person next to him into the aisle.


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When he attempted to walk toward the flight attendant, another male passenger attempted to intervene. The angry passenger reportedly told him, "Mind your business, because I'll break your neck."

Once the man realized Clark was filming, he took his phone and demanded the video be deleted. Instead, Clark not only uploaded the video he filmed but also two clips filmed by the person behind him. The publication reports that "the unruly passenger and two other men can be seen yelling at Clark, allegedly because he was taking video of the altercation."

At that point, the man stands and says, "Let's go to jail! Because I'm the only n—- on this plane that's fit to go to jail!"

In just a short period of time, the video clip received more than 5 million views.

The latest incident comes amid an uptick in disruptive airline passengers. Speaking to Insider's Nicole Guadiano, Transportation Security Administration workers have revealed how difficult their jobs have been over the last several months.

"Me and many of my coworkers really have always felt like we were the bastard children of the federal government," said a Baltimore screener, who spoke anonymously out of fear of losing his job. "For many, many of us, it's really just like, okay, one day closer to retirement."


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