'Let’s cuff him up. He’s still moving': Cop pushes handcuffs before aid when Andre Hill shot, killed

'Let’s cuff him up. He’s still moving': Cop pushes handcuffs before aid when Andre Hill shot, killed
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An Ohio cop shot and killed an innocent Black man and it occurred to officers on the scene to handcuff the dying man before they even tried to get him help, according to body camera video Columbus police released Thursday. Officers "hung crime scene tape, searched for shell casings and shined flashlights into a garage" on the Oberlin Drive scene as Andre Hill laid on the ground dying without aid for more than 10 minutes, The Columbus Dispatch reported. Adam Coy, the cop who shot Hill, was fired Monday, just days after he turned a non-emergency call to report an SUV being turned on and off into a deadly shooting on Dec. 22.

"Let's cuff him up. He's still moving," one cop could be heard saying in body camera footage taken on the scene.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the victim's family, said Coy shot Hill within 10 seconds of encountering him. "As this just-obtained bodycam footage clearly shows, @ColumbusPolice officers could have rendered medical aid to Andre Hill after shooting him. But 5 minutes and 11 seconds later, they chose to handcuff his dying body instead," Crump said in a tweet. "Andre committed no crime!"

Columbus police released more than 12 new video clips from the scene, including footage from responding officer Amy Detweiler's body camera. Video from both Coy's and Detweiler's body cameras fail to include audio of the actual shooting because they didn't have the cameras turned on when it occurred. It's only because of a 60-second "look-back" feature of the cameras that the shooting is even depicted in the footage, authorities said. The footage from Detweiler's camera shows a woman in the doorway of the home Hill was shot outside of.

"He was bringing me Christmas money!" she yelled. "He didn't do anything!"

Detweiler, who arrived on the scene just after Coy, told investigators that although Coy yelled that he saw Hill holding a weapon, she didn't see any such threat, according to an internal affairs interview police The Columbus Dispatch obtained. She said she "felt Mr. Hill may need assistance to enter the residence" and that "she was concerned why Mr. Hill was inside the garage." Coy asked Hill in a "normal tone of voice" to come out of the garage, Detweiler said. Hill was obeying the officer's command while holding his cell phone in the air when Coy shot him multiple times. Detweiler said before she heard the shot, Coy yelled that "there's a gun in his other hand, there's a gun in his other hand!"

WARNING: This video contains violent and graphic images and language.

Bodycam from second officer at Andre Hill shooting

Bodycam from second officer at Andre Hill shooting www.dispatch.com

Amy Detweiler's bodycam video shows the events following the fatal shooting of Andre Hill by officer Adam Coy.

No such gun was found on the scene. An ambulance wasn't sent to the location until at least six minutes after the shooting, The Columbus Dispatch reported. The nearest medic, No. 19, was 1.9 miles away and on another call by the time an officer got around to calling for one to help Hill. Although less than one minute after the shooting Coy asked if a medic was en route, an officer doesn't follow up until about five minutes later. "We do not have one, but we need one," an officer could be heard saying in body camera video.

Both Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said they were horrified by the new video, which was shared with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducting the criminal investigation. Detweiler was temporarily reassigned, Glenn McEntyre, a spokesman with the Department of Public Safety, told ABC-affiliated WSYX. "This is not an administrative leave," McEntyre said. "She is on a 60-day special assignment outside of her normal patrol duties."


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