Biden has ‘utterly devastated’ one of Trump’s favorite attack lines — and he did it with the help of Fox News: journalist

Biden has ‘utterly devastated’ one of Trump’s favorite attack lines — and he did it with the help of Fox News: journalist
Phil Roeder

One of President Donald Trump’s favorite attack lines against former Vice President Joe Biden is “Sleepy Joe,” which is Trump’s way of claiming that the 77-year-old Biden is past his prime and is unfit for the presidency either mentally or physically. But journalist Dean Obeidallah, in an August 10 op-ed for CNN’s website, argues that Biden has “utterly devastated one of President Donald Trump's most repeated attack lines”— and the “irony” is that “Fox News helped him do it.”

On Saturday, August 8, Biden was riding his bike in Delaware when he was spotted by Fox News’ Steve Doocy —who yelled, “Mr. Vice President, have you picked a running mate yet?” And Biden jokingly responded, “Yeah, I have…. You!”

Doocy is one of the hosts of Fox News’ weekday morning show, “Fox & Friends,” which airs at the same time as MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and CNN’s “New Day.” Doocy’s exchange with Biden was aired on Fox News, and Doocy reported, “He did answer with a direct ‘yes.’ He has picked a running mate.”

The same day in which Biden was riding his bike, Trump — an avid golfer — was at his country club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“Almost on cue Saturday afternoon, around the same time Biden was on his bicycle, Trump tweeted out from the posh confines of his country club one of his go-to attack lines against the former VP, calling him ‘Sleepy Joe Biden,’” Obeidallah explains. “The irony was delicious. There’s Biden briskly riding a bicycle while Trump is at his private country club — where the only exercise he seems to get is getting in and out of his golf cart. Yet Trump is calling Biden ‘Sleepy.’”

Fox News, Obeidallah stresses, drew attention to the fact that Biden is still fit enough to be riding a bike.

“Sometimes comedy writes itself,” Obeidallah argues. “But in this case, Twitter helped as the hashtag ‘Trump Can't ride a Bike’ got traction online, with one anti-Trumper juxtaposing video footage of Biden riding his bicycle with Trump struggling to walk down a ramp after delivering the commencement address in June at West Point.”

So far, Biden and Trump are scheduled to have three presidential debates. And Obeidallah humorously suggests another type of competition: a bicycle race.

“Instead of a fourth debate that Trump's team wants, why not hold a good old-fashioned bicycle race between the two?!,” Obeidallah writes. “Trump loves ratings, and this would no doubt attract millions! I can't even imagine how many will tune in just to see if Trump can even balance on a bicycle, let alone ride one.”

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