Conservative warns Trump is even more ‘unchained and unhinged’ following impeachment acquittal: ‘This is really banana republic stuff’

Conservative warns Trump is even more ‘unchained and unhinged’ following impeachment acquittal: ‘This is really banana republic stuff’
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On Wednesday, following Sen. Bernie Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire’s 2020 Democratic presidential primary, conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot stressed that President Donald Trump is too dire a threat to the United States for Democrats to nominate someone so left-of-center — and he implored the Democratic Party to “coalescence” around a centrist he considers more electable, be it Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg or former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Boot continued to rail against Trump during a Wednesday night appearance on CNN, telling "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon that he believes the president, following his impeachment acquittal, has become even more “unchained and unhinged.”

Trump, Boot told Lemon, “has really been emboldened by that acquittal after the sham trial that the Senate Republicans put on. He basically sees it as a license to do anything that he wants to do.”

Boot cited Trump’s intervention on behalf of long-time ally and GOP operative Roger Stone as an example of his “unhinged” behavior. On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recommended a prison sentence of seven to nine years for Stone, who last year, was convicted of criminal charges ranging from lying to Congress to obstruction of justice to witness tampering. But after Trump angrily attacked the DOJ on Twitter, it released a radically different sentencing memo on Tuesday—one recommending a much more lenient sentence.

Trump, Boot warned, is “on his vengeance tour, seeking retribution against his real and perceived enemies” — for example, his vendetta against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who he fired on February 7 as part of what is being called the Friday Night Massacre.

Boot told Lemon, “He is going after Lt. Col. Vindman, an Iraq War hero, trying to get the (U.S.) Army to discipline him for testifying truthfully— and at the same time, he’s trying to protect Roger Stone for lying under oath, for witness tampering…. This is really banana republic stuff. This is not something I ever thought we’d see in the United States of America.”

The Never Trump conservative added, “This is not normal. This is truly a mayday moment for our democracy.”

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