Susan Collins launches 'centrist' 2020 re-election bid: Here are just some examples of her betraying that label

Susan Collins launches 'centrist' 2020 re-election bid: Here are just some examples of her betraying that label
Susan Collins image via MSNBC.

Sen. Susan Collins ended speculation about her intentions for 2020 by launching a re-election campaign in a totally Susan Collins way. The Maine Republican sent supporters an email touting her “bipartisan commonsense approach.”

”The fundamental question I had to ask myself in making my decision was this: In today’s polarized political environment, is there still a role for a centrist who believes in getting things done through compromise, collegiality, and bipartisanship? I have concluded that the answer to this question is ‘yes’ and I will, therefore, seek the honor of continuing to serve as Maine’s United States senator.”

You know, centrism like voting for Brett Kavanaugh while contorting herself to explain how she believed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford but also didn’t think Kavanaugh had assaulted Ford. Centrism like fundraising off the anger about her Kavanaugh vote, saying she was “proud” of her vote but under attack by “ultra-liberal extremists.” And she’s been fundraising off the vote ever since, traveling around the country to rake in cash from wealthy Trumpists.

Centrism like voting for some of the worst Trump judicial nominees.

Bipartisan commonsense like taking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s word for it that she’d get concessions on protecting health care in exchange for her vote on the Republican tax law.

Compromise, collegiality, and bipartisanship like making a big deal over not being able to comment on impeachment because she’s a juror, then having lunch with the defendant.

Centrism like an endorsement from bullying, blustering former Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Like staying on Team Mitch McConnell, and playing a role in the Trump-McConnell bait-and-switch on gun legislation.

Collins’ move to extreme partisanship and embrace of her party’s far-right positions have been noted by organizations such as the League of Conservation Voters, which long endorsed her—but this year endorsed her opponent in recognition that Collins can no longer be called “an extremely important ally in the fight to protect the environment and public health.”

Collins has been a fake moderate for years, posturing for the media about how one of these days she’ll vote against her party, only to consistently turn around and vote with McConnell and, these days, Trump, on virtually everything. But now she’s played that game a little too obviously, with such disastrous results, enough times for the charade to have worn thin. Collins will face the fight of her life here.

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