'Mulvaney is bad at politics': Internet offers brutal takedown of acting chief of staff's White House press conference

'Mulvaney is bad at politics': Internet offers brutal takedown of acting chief of staff's White House press conference
Official White House Photo by Evan Walker

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney covered a lot of ground during a White House press briefing held early Thursday afternoon. The subjects that Mulvaney was asked about ranged from the Ukraine scandal to the 2020 G7 Summit. Sam Stein, political reporter for the Daily Beast, posted a brief but blistering critique of the press conference on Twitter — and there were many other reactions as well.

Stein listed three of the most damning things Mulvaney “admitted” to reporters during the press conference. First, Stein tweeted, Mulvaney admitted that Trump "encouraged" his Miami, FL resort Doral host the 2020 G-7 summit.

A long list of venues would have been appropriate places for the 2020 G-7 Summit. But a Trump property was specifically chosen: the president’s Doral resort in South Florida.

Second, Stein tweeted, Mulvaney admitted that “they did have, in fact, a quid pro quo with Ukraine for investigations into the DNC server.”

Trump is presently facing an impeachment inquiry because, during a July 25 phone conservation, he tried to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into helping dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Trump’s defenders have been insisting that he never offered Zelensky any type of quid pro quo, but pro-impeachment Democrats have been responding that there was a quid pro quo: military aid from the U.S. in exchange for investigating the Bidens.

And third, Stein tweeted, Mulvaney admitted  “that politics is influencing their foreign policy.”

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that Mulvaney played a more substantial role in the Ukraine debacle than previously thought.

Journalist John Harwood, on Twitter, also asserted that Mulvaney admitted there was a “quid quo pro” with Ukraine. “Mulvaney concedes that Trump’s desire to investigate ‘DNC server’ was part of the reason Ukraine aide was held up,” Harwood posted.

CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond tweeted, “Mulvaney essentially confirms that Trump froze aid to Ukraine in part because he wanted Ukraine to investigate 2016 election matters.” And @BrianE810 asserted, “Mulvaney isn’t just going down with the ship... he’s tying himself (to) the mast.”

With biting sarcasm, @AlanGoldsher tweeted, “BREAKING: Mick Mulvaney is bad at politics.” @DmJ43 said of Mulvaney and other Trump allies, “Total arrogance. They believe they’re untouchable,” and @KenCox described Mulvaney’s political strategy with Ukraine as “make a bad thing look good by admitting it.”

@LouPacheco, however, said of Mulvaney, “He looks so guilty and nervous. He’ll be the next to flip.” And in a separate tweet, @LouPacheco asserted, “Someone directly connected to Trump will have to flip if there is any chance of a conviction in the Senate.”

@GrouchoG incredulously asked, “Does Mulvaney think he’s helping Trump?


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