Epic video contrasts media criticism of Bernie Sanders with reasons why he resonates with millions of supporters

Epic video contrasts media criticism of Bernie Sanders with reasons why he resonates with millions of supporters
By Nick Solari, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42909114

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has his share of detractors in both the Republican and Democratic parties, but he also has a huge base of support: Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign brought in an impressive $25.3 million in fundraising during 2019’s third quarter, although Sen. Elizabeth Warren wasn’t far behind at $24.6 million. A five-minute video, put together by Sanders admirer Matt Orfalea, addresses criticisms of Sanders from his opponents across the political spectrum — and, in effect, responds to them with comments from supporters.

Orfalea’s video, which isn’t an official campaign video, is a collage of pro-Sanders and anti-Sanders comments —and Orfalea presents them in such a way that they have the effect of explaining to Sanders’ detractors why his supporters think so highly of him.

Pundits, in the video, are seen asserting that Sanders is known for being “gruff” and a “curmudgeon.” And Orfalea addresses that characterization of Sanders by showing that while the 78-year-old senator can, in fact, be gruff at times, he’s also quite caring — for example, Sanders is seeing urging a kid to believe in himself.

A Sanders detractor is seen telling MSNBC’s Ari Melber that Sanders is “disheveled” and “unlikable” as well as “pushy,” and Orfalea follows up that assertion with clips that show Sanders’ warmth.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, a Never Trump conservative, is seen describing Sanders as “a socialist from the 1950s yelling at people” in a “screechy voice…. without smiling, without any kind of personal connection…. He looked like the angry man in the center of the stage saying, ‘Get off my lawn.’” And Orfalea contrasts Rubin’s comments with clips that underscore how strongly Sanders bonds with supporters.

Several pundits are seen using the term “Bernie bro,” described by one of them as Sanders supporters who are “a bit younger, whiter than the overall Democratic primary.” And that description is followed by a clip of Dr. Cornel West, who is 66 and African-American, exalting Sanders as “my magnificent vanilla brother named Bernie Sanders.”

In the video, claims that Sanders is somehow anti-woman are contrasted with clips of some of his female supporters praising him — for example, a young woman applauding his willingness to “fight for health care and lower prescription costs.”


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