‘We’re gonna get stiffed’: Sheriff who did security for Pence's fundraiser at a club owned by gay men worries the campaign won't pay

‘We’re gonna get stiffed’: Sheriff who did security for Pence's fundraiser at a club owned by gay men worries the campaign won't pay

A Colorado county sheriff whose department handled security for a Vice President Mike Pence campaign fundraising event in Aspen isn't sure who is going to pay for his deputies' time – and is worried taxpayers might have to foot the bill.

It's unclear, more than 24 hours later, if the issue has been resolved.

“I’m concerned we’re gonna get stiffed,” Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said after Monday's event, as the Post Independent reported. The fundraiser was billed as an "intimate" $35,000 per couple event, headlined by the Vice President, and held, ironically, at a private club owned by two gay men. Pence has made a career out of his anti-LGBTQ policies.

“Usually by this time, we’re aware of who’s going to pay,” Sheriff DiSalvo said. “I’ve been trying for a week and I still can’t get anyone to tell me who the Caribou Club host is. So far I’ve been ghosted."

The Sheriff estimated overtime costs for his deputies would be $10,000 to $20,000.

"If the Sheriff’s Office is not reimbursed, Pitkin County will have to foot the bill for the private fundraiser security," the Post Independent added.

It's also unclear if the Trump campaign or the RNC is reimbursing the federal, state, and local agencies that also worked security for Vice President Pence's fundraiser. They include the U.S. Secret Service, Aspen Police, Aspen Fire, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the U.S. Forest Service.

President Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, and now the Trump White House, have a long legacy of unpaid debts. For example, the Trump White House owes Washington, D.C. at least $9 million for his inauguration events and this months' Independence Day "Salute to America."

And last month HuffPost reported, "Actually, 10 Cities Are Reportedly Waiting For Trump Campaign To Pay $841,000 In Rally Bills."

The Center for Public Integrity last month also published a story with the headline: "Why the Trump Campaign Won’t Pay Police Bills."

President Trump reportedly has stiffed many workers, customers, and businesses.

Again just last month ProPublica ran a story titled, "Trump Companies Accused of Tax Evasion in Panama."

And a now-iconic USA Today article in June of 2016 was headlined, "Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills."


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